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Divided Pickup

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Q.Do I need to drill holes in the body of my guitar in order to attach the GK-3 pickup?


While you can mount the GK-3 pickup and controller unit to ・・・

Q.The string height is arranged in a curved arc between the first and sixth strings (not flat) to match the curved fingerboard. Can I adjust the GK-3 pickup to match this arc so that the input sensitivity in consistent from string to string?


Yes. The GK-3 has an adjustment screw that allows you to ・・・

Q.Can I use the GR-20 and GK-3 with a fretted instrument other than an electric guitar?


You can use the GR-20 and GK-3 with a steel-string acoustic ・・・

Q.Can I change sounds (patches) on the GR-20 while playing my guitar?


Yes, You you can select patches on the GR-20 even while ・・・

Q.Are the GK-2, GK-2A, and GK-3 pickups compatible with all GR-series guitar synthesizers equipped with a 13-pin GK pickup connector?


Yes, they are all compatible. However, there are slight ・・・

Q.Can I use Roland guitar synthesizers and divided pickups with flat-wound guitar strings?


Yes. The GK-series divided pickups are magnetic pickups, ・・・

Q.Can I attach the GK-3 pickup to a left-handed electric guitar?


Yes, you can. Note, though, that the GK-3 pickup is designed ・・・

Q.I've connected the GR-20's GUITAR OUT jack to a guitar amp and connected my guitar (via the GK-3 pickup) to GK IN jack. However, I can hear the normal guitar sound only, and not the guitar synth sound. What's wrong?


The GR-20's GUITAR OUT jack only outputs the normal guitar ・・・

Q.I want to attach the GK-3 pickup to a Les Paul guitar, but the attachment area is curved rather than flat. Will I still be able to attach the pickup properly?


The GK-3 comes with a special pickup holder specifically ・・・

Q.The cable from the GK-3 pickup to the GK controller sags, and this bothers me. Is there anything I can do to adjust the cable?


The GK-3's controller unit provides an area on its underside ・・・

Q.I usually use the Select switch on the GK controller to switch between the GK pickup's output and the regular electric guitar's output. Is there a way to switch pickups using the pedals of the GR-20 unit?


No. You must use the Select switch on the GK controller to ・・・

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