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HD-1 Drum Tutor

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Q.Is my product compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7?


Please check the link below for the details. ・・・

Q.What are the preset patterns inside the DT-HD1?


 The preset patterns are pieces of music that include ・・・

Q.When I practice with the DT-HD1, do I need anything else other than the HD-1?


 You just need a computer and an amplifier speaker (e.g・・・

Q.How do I connect the UM-1G USB MIDI Interface and the DT-HD1?


 Please connect the MIDI cable indicated by "CONNECT ・・・

Q.Can I use the DT-HD1 with other V-Drums?


Yes. However, the DT-HD1 software graphics are designed for ・・・

Q.What are the data limitations of the DT-HD1?


The DT-HD1 can open SMF data with maximum 999 measures ・・・

Q.Does the DT-HD1 have a recording function?


No, it does not have a recording function. ・・・

Q.Can I practice with the DT-HD1 by using commercially available SMF data?


Yes, you can. If the SMF data is compatible with GM2 and ・・・

Q. Does the DT-HD1 have a music notation printing function?


No. The DT-HD1 can only display the music notation on the ・・・

Q.Can I make my own original SMF data for the DT-HD1?


 Yes, you can by using the  General MIDI 2 ・・・

Q.What should I pay attention to make SMF data for the DT-HD1?


Please make your SMF data with following points being ・・・

Q.Can I put L/R (left hand/right hand) indicators on the data I make myself?


Yes, you can. Please insert the following System Exclusive ・・・

Q.Can the DT-HD1 be used with a Macintosh computer that can run Microsoft Windows programs?


 No, the DT-HD1 does not support a Macintosh computer ・・・

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