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Dr. Beat

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Q.Can I use the DB-60's Timer mode while sounding the metronome?


Yes, you can. If the timer is in operation when you are ・・・

Q.Can I use the DB-60 in an upright position?


The DB-60's rear panel has a folding stand that allows you to ・・・

Q.How do I restore the DB-60's factory settings?


To restore the DB-60 to its factory set condition, hold down ・・・

Q.When I use the DB-60's Metronome mode, can I set two different tempos and rhythms and play them in sequence?


Yes. The DB-60's Metronome mode allows you to set two ・・・

Q.Can I see the DB-60's display clearly even in a dark location (such as a dark stage)?


The DB-60 is equipped with a liquid crystal display (LCD). A ・・・

Q.The DB-60 automatically powers off after approximately one hour of inactivity. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?


The DB-60 features an Auto Power Off function that ・・・

Q.Can I make the DB-60's display backlight stay on continuously?


Yes, you can disable the Auto Backlight Off function so that ・・・

Q.Can the DB-60 be powered with an AC adaptor?


No. The DB-60 operates only with batteries (two AA-type cells).

Q.How does the DB-60's Auto Power Off function work?


The DB-60's Auto Power Off function automatically turns off ・・・

Q.Are the metronome settings stored in the DB-60's memory reset when I remove (replace) the batteries?


In addition to providing power to the DB-60, the two AA-type ・・・

Q.When using the DB-60's Timer mode, can I shut off the alarm's sound once it starts?


Yes. Once the alarm sound starts, you can stop it by pressing ・・・

Q.Can I use the DB-60's Stopwatch mode to measure lap time (split time)?


Yes. While the stopwatch is running, press [TAP/RESET/SPLIT]. ・・・

Q.One of the metronome mode patterns ("rhythm styles") on the TU-80 / RMP-3 / RMP-1 is called "Clave." What rhythm is this?


Clave is a basic rhythm pattern found in Latin music (Soso, ・・・

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