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Guitar Amplifier

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Q.What does the CUBE-60's Dyna Amp do?


The Dyna Amp is a newly developed COSM amp that gives you ・・・

Q.What are the recommended settings for using the CUBE-60's Dyna Amp?


An example setting that takes full advantage of the CUBE-60's ・・・

Q.What types of performance characteristics does the CUBE-60's Dyna Amp feature provide?


The CUBE-60's Dyna Amp feature provides an extremely dynamic ・・・

Q.What type of guitar sounds can I play using the CUBE-60's LEAD channel?


The CUBE-60 provides the following nine types of COSM guitar ・・・

Q.How does the CUBE-60's Dyna Amp work?


The Dyna Amp digitally analyzes the dynamics of the input ・・・

Q.A tube guitar amp is very responsive to playing dynamics, allowing for a broad range of expressiveness. Is the CUBE-60's Dyna Amp similar to a tube amp in this regard?


A good tube-based guitar amp is very responsive to playing ・・・

Q.When using a multieffects unit (such as the BOSS ME- or GT-series) with a CUBE-series amp, which amp channel should I use?


You should select the CLEAN or JC CLEAN channel. ・・・

Q.What kinds of output jacks are provided on the CUBE-60 for connecting to external devices?


The CUBE-60 provides the following external output jacks: ・・・

Q.What can I control when I connect a foot switch (FS-5U) to the CUBE-60?


The CUBE-60 provides three different foot switch jacks, and a ・・・

Q.Can I connect a mic to the CUBE-60?


No, the CUBE-60 does not have a jack for connecting a mic.s

Q.Does the CUBE-60 have an external input jack (other than the guitar input jack) for connecting a CD player or rhythm machine?


No. The CUBE-60 does not have an external input jack other ・・・

Q.I would like to use two CUBE-60 amps to achieve a more spacious sound. Can I do that? If so, can you give me advice on how to connect and set the amps?


If you want to connect two (or more) CUBE-60 units, connect ・・・

Q.When using the CUBE-60's Dyna Amp, how should I set the GAIN knob?


To start, set the CUBE-60's GAIN knob to the center position ・・・

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