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Q.I'm connecting a GT-series multieffects unit to the CUBE-30. Which of the CUBE-30's jacks should I connect to, and what settings should I make?


Connect the GT-series product's L/MONO OUTPUT to the CUBE-30's ・・・

Q.When using a multieffects unit (such as the BOSS ME- or GT-series) with a CUBE-series amp, which amp channel should I use?


You should select the CLEAN or JC CLEAN channel. ・・・

Q.On the CUBE-15/CUBE-30/CUBE-30 BASS/AC-60, can I apply the internal effect to signals coming in the external input jack (AUX IN)?


On the CUBE-15/CUBE-30/CUBE-30 BASS/AC-60, the internal effect ・・・

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