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Bass Amplifier

Q.Can I use the CUBE-100 BASS with an acoustic upright bass equipped with a piezo pickup or an electric upright bass?

A.Yes. The CUBE-100 BASS provides a SUPER FLAT (COSM) amp type that provides a broad frequency range and an uncolored response. This amp type is ideal for reproducing the tonal characteristics and subtle nuances of an upright bass.

Connect a piezo pickup to your acoustic upright bass, and then connect its output to the CUBE-100's INPUT jack. (In the case of an electric upright bass, simply connect its output to the CUBE-100's INPUT jack.) Choose the SUPER FLAT COSM amp type, and set the SHAPE switch to the "on" position.

A warm bass sound that's ideal for jazz. This is an ideal tone for fretless basses.
To make the sound more robust, it is effective to slightly raise
the BASS and HIGH-MID settings.

Natural sound for an upright bass. When using an electric upright bass,
lower the TREBLE knob to more closely match the sound of an acoustic upright bass.


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