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Pedal Board

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Q.I have some BOSS pedals that require a PSA-type AC adaptor, and other BOSS pedals that require an ACA-type AC adaptor. Will the BCB-60’s power supply provide power to both types of pedals simultaneously?


This article explains that the BCB-60 will provide power to ・・・

Q.Can I install a BOSS Twin Pedal or wah pedal on the BCB-60 pedal board?


Yes, you can. The BCB-60 pedal board accommodates Boss ・・・

Q.I’ve attempted to cut the blank holding pad included with the BCB-60 in order to install another pedal, but I made a mistake and cut it to the wrong size. Can I buy a replacement holding pad separately?


Replacement holding pads are available for purchase as service ・・・

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