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Acoustic Instrument Processor

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Q.I'd like to connect a condenser microphone and an acoustic-electric guitar pickup to the AD-5's two inputs, and blend the two different sounds in the AD-5. Which inputs should I use for each device?


There is a variety of pickup and microphone types for ・・・

Q.What can I control with a foot switch connected to the AD-5?


If a BOSS FS-5U unlatched-type foot switch (or equivalent) is ・・・

Q.When I connect my acoustic-electric guitar directly to a mixer, it doesn't sound good. I understand that connecting my instrument via a BOSS DI-1 Direct Box or BOSS AD-series Acoustic Instrument Processor will improve the sound. Why is this?


The output of an acoustic-electric guitar is typically ・・・

Q.Can I obtain a monaural output from the AD-5's balanced output jacks?


Yes, you can. To obtain a monaural output from the AD-5's L/R ・・・

Q.When I connect audio signals to the AD-5's MAGNETIC and PIEZO inputs simultaneously, the volume is decreased and/or the tone is unnatural. Why is this?


This phenomenon may occur if the signals you are sending to ・・・

Q.When I switch on EFFECTS BYPASS on the AD-5, what is actually bypassed?


When you turn on EFFECTS BYPASS on the AD-5, the entire effect ・・・

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