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Plug-in Effect Expansion Board

UpdatesVS-1880 Program Update Ver.1.500 for VS8F-3 Plug-in Effects

VS-1880 System Program should be updated when installing VS8F-3.

Products:VS-1880 / VS8F-3

  • * Note
  • The third party plug-ins require its update because of 1 bit LCD. (As of August 2, 2004)
  • Please wait for the announcement of the update from Roland (www.roland.com and/or the local Roland distributor in your country).
  • 1. Please update the VS-1880 to latest version.
  • 2. Please install the Roland Plug-In attached to the "VS8F-3".
  • 3. Please update the Roland Plug-In by the update program(PLUGINFX.BIN).
Use the following procedure to update the VS-1880.
The updated software is provided as sixteen Standard MIDI Files.

The tools required are:
* MIDI sequencer (software or hardware) that can load
Standard MIDI Files.
* MIDI cable
* VS-1880
* VS-1880 System Software update disk

Update Procedure

1) Connect the MIDI OUT port of the sequencer to the MIDI IN port of the VS-1880.
2) Hold down TRACK SELECT/CH EDIT button 7 and STATUS button 7 while powering on the VS-1880. The message "System Update?" will be displayed.
3) Press YES. The message "Waiting MIDI-EX" will be displayed.
4) Load the Standard MIDI Files into your sequencer.
5) Play all Standard MIDI Files from the sequencer in sequential order.
6) After all SMFs have been played into the VS-1880, the message "Update SysPRG?" will be displayed. Press YES.
7) The message "Please Reboot OK" will be displayed. The system software of the VS-1880 has now been updated.
8) Restart the VS-1880 (power off and then on again). The new system version will be displayed as the unit is booting up.

* NOTE: Hardware sequencers are normally more reliable for transferring system exclusive MIDI data. We have tested these files with the following computer-based MIDI sequencing programs;
Vision (Opcode), Performer (MOTU), Cubase (Steinberg/Jones), and Logic (Emagic).
We were successful in updating the VS-1880. Some sequencers do not send system exclusive messages that are embedded in a Standard MIDI File properly.
These programs will not work for updating the operating system of the VS-1680/1824CD. Roland also has an application available on our website (www.rolandus.com) titled "updateSMF.exe" that can be used instead of a software sequencer. This program can be used with any IBM compatible computer that has a MIDI interface.

If you have problems updating your unit with a computer, check your MIDI/interface setup.

**New Features**
Supports the "VS8F-3".

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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