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Plug-in Effect Expansion Board

UpdatesVS8F-3 Update Program Ver.1.010 by using CD-ROM

VS8F-3 System Program should be updated when installing it into VS-1680/1880/1824CD.


  • * Note
  • The third party plug-ins require its update because of 1 bit LCD. (As of August 2, 2004)
  • Please wait for the announcement for the update from Roland (www.roland.com and/or the local Roland distributor in your country).
  • 1. Please update the VS-1680/1880/1824CD to latest version.
  • 2. Please install the Roland Plug-In attached to the "VS8F-3".
  • 3. Please update the Roland Plug-In by the update program(PLUGINFX.BIN).
Roland Plug-In Program Update Procedure

1. Create the CD-R disk that wrote the update file "PLUGINFX.BIN" in the
root directory using the computer and the CD-R/RW Drive.

This CD-R becomes a "Plug-In Update Disc".
* Please write in the CD-R disc in ISO9660 format.
* Please be sure to close the session of the CD-R disc.
* For the method of the CD-R writing and operation, please refer
to the Owner's Manual of the Application Software currently used.

2. In order to update by the "Plug-In Update Disc", the Roland Plug-In
Program needs to be installed as the Authorized Version in the VS
currently used.
When the Roland Plug-In Program is not installed, please complete
to install the Authorized Version with reference to the VS8F-3
Owner's Manual, "Installation Procedure (p.15)" and "Re-installing
your plug-ins (p.16)".
When the installation of the Authorized Version has been completed,
please keep the SETUP DISC of the VS8F-3 used for the Authorization
on hand.

3. Please check the version of the Roland Plug-In Program that is already
The version is displayed on "VERSION:" of the PLUG-IN INFORMATION screen,
when any FX (EFFECT) Roland Plug-In is selected as described in the VS8F-3
Owner's Manual, "Selecting a plug-in (p.17)"

[Plug-In Program Update]
1. Carefully read the included leaflet "License agreement for Roland software"
and verify that you accept the conditions.

2. Insert the "Plug-In Update Disc" into the CD-R/RW Drive.

3. Press [CD-RW].
The CD-RW MENE screen will appear.

4. Select Page 2 [PLUG-IN Inst], and press [ENTER/YES] or [F2 (PlInst)].
The PLUG-IN INSTALL screen will appear. This shows product information
about the VS plug-in program (manufacture, product name, plug-in
version, and size).
If the version of the Plug-In Update Disc displayed here is the same
as the installed version or an earlier version, it is not necessary to update.

The drive(partition) in which the plug-in program is to be installed
will be decided by the VS series devices. The drive information is
shown at "DESTINATION" on "PLUG-IN INSTALL" screen. Please check that
the remaining capacity (Rem:) of the disc is bigger that the size(SIZE)
of VS plug-in program to be installed. For installation, a remaining
capacity of twice or more than the VS plug-in program size is required.

5. Press [F5 (Instal)].
The "Update?" popup will appear.

6. To begin the update, press [ENTER/YES].
The "Keep User Patches?" popup will appear.

7. Press [ENTER/YES] to continue to use the User Patch after the update.
When erase all the User Patches and execute the update, press [EXIT/NO].
The "Really, Sure?" popup will appear.

8. To begin the update, press [ENTER/YES].
The update will be carried out.

9. At the end of the update, the Plug-In Update Disc is ejected and it
performs the original SETUP DISC check.
When the "Please Insert Original SETUP DISC!" is displayed, exchange
it to the SETUP DISC used for the Authorize Install, and press [ENTER/YES].

10. When the Original SETUP DISC check is finished, the update will be
completed and returned to the CD-RW MENU screen.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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