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UpdatesVS-1680 Program Update Ver.2.500 for VS8F-3 Plug-in Effects

VS-1680 System Program should be updated when installing VS8F-3.

Products:VS-1680 / VS8F-3

  • * Note
  • The third party plug-ins require its update because of 1 bit LCD. (As of August 2, 2004)
  • Please wait for the announcement of the update from Roland (www.roland.com and/or the local Roland distributor in your country).
  • 1. Please update the VS-1680 to latest version.
  • 2. Please install the Roland Plug-In attached to the "VS8F-3".
  • 3. Please update the Roland Plug-In by the update program(PLUGINFX.BIN).
Use the following procedure to update the VS-1680 to the latest operating system.
The updated software is provided as sixteen Standard MIDI Files.

The tools required are:
* MIDI sequencer (software or hardware) that can load Standard MIDI Files.
* MIDI cable
* VS-1680
* VS-1680 System Software update disk

Update Procedure

1) Connect the MIDI OUT port of the sequencer to the MIDI IN port of the VS-1680.
2) Hold down TRACK SELECT/CH EDIT button 7 and STATUS button 7 while powering on the VS-1680. The message "System Update?" will be displayed.
3) Press YES. The message "Waiting MIDI-EX" will be displayed.
4) Load the Standard MIDI Files into your sequencer.
5) Play all Standard MIDI Files: "VS168001.mid" through "VS168016.mid" in sequential order.
6) After all SMFs have been played into the VS-1680, the message "Update SysPRG?" will be displayed. Press YES.
7) The message "Please Reboot OK" will be displayed. The system software of the VS-1680 has now been updated.
8) Restart the VS-1680 (power off and then on again). The new system version will be displayed as the unit is booting up.

* NOTE: Hardware sequencers are normally more reliable for transferring system exclusive MIDI data. We have tested these files with the following computer-based MIDI sequencing programs;
Vision (Opcode), Performer (MOTU), Cubase (Steinberg/Jones), and Logic (Emagic).
We were successful in updating the VS-1680. Some sequencers do not send system exclusive messages that are embedded in a Standard MIDI File properly.
These programs will not work for updating the operating system of the VS-1880/1824CD.
Roland also has an application available on our website (www.roland.com) titled "updateSMF.exe" that can be used instead of a software sequencer. This program can be used with any IBM compatible computer that has a MIDI interface.

If you have problems updating your unit with a computer, check your
MIDI/interface setup.

**New Features**
Supports the "VS8F-3".

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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