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Portable Music Production Studio (VS-100)

System ProgramV-STUDIO 100 (VS-100) System Program Version 1.50

This system program updates your V-STUDIO 100 (VS-100) to the latest version 1.50.

Products:V-STUDIO 100

Update history

[Version 1.50]

  • The OCTA-CAPTURE works together with the VS-100 to expand the I/O.
    * The VS-100 driver for Windows, version 2.0 or later required.
    * On Mac OS 10.6 and 10.5, VS driver version 2.0.0 or higher is required.
    * On Mac OS 10.7 or later, VS driver version 1.00 is required.
    * Please refer to the PDF document "I/O Expansion by using the OCTA-CAPTURE with the VS-100/VS-700" and "Operating Requirements for using the OCTA-CAPTURE with the VS-100 or VS-700.txt" for details.
  • Lower latency available
    Super low latency and high stability has brought by newly introduced "VS STREAMING" technology.

How to tell the version (important)

Check the version of system software of the VS-100 before proceeding.
The version will be shown at the right-bottom on the screen just after the startup.
V1.30 or earlier: Update required. Please follow the instructions below to update the VS-100 to the latest version.
V1.50: No update required. It is the latest version available.

Downloading and expanding the archive

Download vs100_sys_v150.zip to the desktop or any location.
The file is the archive in zip format. After expanding the archive, UsbUp folder will be available.

Things to prepare
- Install the USB driver for the VS-100.
- Download and install the simple SMF Player "UpdSMF" below.
- Connect the MIX controller and I/O module with the control cable.
- A USB cable.

1. Turn on the VS-100, then press Compressor/Equalizer setting button and [COMP/EQ] button for Ch.1 before level meters available on the screen. Keep on pressing the buttons until the screen changes like below.
Current system software version will be shown.
 USB updater

 V1.30/01CA (current version)
2. Connect the PC/Mac and the VS-100 with a USB cable.
[USB] button will be lit as a sign that VS-100 is recognized as a USB device, then the screen changes like below.
 USB updater
 USB Online
3. Double click on the UpdSMF icon to launch.
4. Select "CONTROL (VS-100)" for PC and "VS-100 C" for Mac at "MIDI Out Device" setting.
5. Click on [Path] button ( [Select…] button for Mac ) to locate the update files from "_00001.mid" to "end.mid" on the "SMF Path" screen ( "SMF Folder" screen for Mac ) .
6. Click on [Scan SMF] button ( not required for Mac ) then check if the update files are shown on the file list.
7. Click on [Scan SMF] button to start the file transfer. Transfer status will be shown as the transfer counter like below.
 USB updater
 12345 (Transfer counter)
 USB Online

Flash ROM update process will start automatically just after the end of transfer.
Never turn off the power of VS-100 during the update process. 
Message on the screen will change like below.
 USB updater
 USB Online
 USB updater
 USB Online
Screen will change like below after successful update process.  Be sure to check the version transition display.
 USB updater
 Update Successfully
 Please Reboot
 V1.30/01CA -> V1.50/01D4

Update process completed.
8. Turn off and on the power of VS-100.
Check the version of system software shown at the right-bottom on the screen.
 * In the case of unsuccessful update, you can do it again from the first step.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

Download file

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