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Video Field Converter

UpdatesVC-50HD Ver.1.040 System Program


Table of Contents
Update history
[ → Ver.1.040]
[Functionality Added]
  • Ver.1.04 supports part of HDV’s 24p format and MPEG-2’s 24p formats.
    * Refer to the "VC-50HD_l_ADD_FUNC_e01.pdf" for details of newly suppoted conversions.
[Bug Fix]
  • When inputting a discontinuous signal to the SDI connector, a signal from the IEEE1394 connector might output incorrectly.
[ → Ver.1.031]
[Bug Fix]
  • Content displayed on the screen might be shrunk horizontally at startup with certain settings.
[ → Ver.1.030]
[Functionality Added]
  • Got compatible with the VC-50HD RCS.
[Bug Fix]
  • Format detection of signal at SDI input rarely fails.

Getting the update file
  • Please open/extract the downloaded “vc50hd_sys_1040.zip” file on your computer to get the update files named “VC50HDerom1040.rom” and “VC50HDVersionReader.exe” in the “vc50hd_sys_1040” folder.

Preparation for the update
  • This update program needs a Windows PC ( Windows 7 / Windows Vista ) and a USB cable.
    * You cannot update by using Mac OS. You cannot update by using Windows 8 / 8.1. Please use a PC installed Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windws 7.
  • When connecting a USB MIDI device to a PC on updating, the update process might fail. Remove a USB MIDI device from a PC.
  • The switch 6 of the mode select switches must be OFF.

Procedure for the update
  1. Connect the PC to the VC-50HD via USB cable.
  2. Turn on the VC-50HD.
  3. Run "VC50HDVersionReader.exe" and push [Update Mode] button
  4. VC-50HDXXXX (XXXX means the version number) as an external removable disk appears on the PC.
  5. Copy "VC50HDerom1040.rom" to the disk
    During copy, the HD/SD-SDI IN LED and IEEE1394 IN/OUT LED of the VC-50HD blink on and off slowly. After update is completed, the LEDs blink fast.
  6. Turn off the VC-50HD.
  7. Turn on the VC-50HD again
  8. Push [Version Info.] button of "VC50HDVersionReader.exe". Confirm version number.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

Download file

Supplementary file

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