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4 Channel Video Mixer

System ProgramV-4EX System Program Version 1.510

This is the software to make your V-4EX up-to-date.


How to tell the version
Please check the version of the system working on your V-4EX before downloading the archive file.
  1. Press the [ MENU ] button.
  2. Go to the bottom right of the Monitor and touch the right arrow icon, then touch [ SETUP ].
  3. Use the VALUE Dial to move to the fourth or fifth page.
    Check the VERSION information.
  4. Turn V-4EX off after checking the version.
* Don't perform the update if the product is already up-to-date.

Update history
[ Version 1.510 ]
Bug Fix
The following bug was fixed.
  • A rare problem of incorrect (too-high) contrast in composite input on channels 1 through 4 was corrected.
[ Version 1.500 ]
Additional Functions
Please refer to the latest edition of the owner's manual for details information.
  • AUDIO FOLLOW Function
    A function that switches the audio channel following the video channel switching was added.
  • Volume of the USB audio
    Adjusting the output level to the USB audio was enabled.
  • AUTO SCAN Function
    This is a function to switch channels of VIDEO INPUT automatically, and to output each input channel's video in rotation.
  • Video Output selection for USB STREAMING
    You can select between OUTPUT and MONITOR for the USB STREAMING Video Output in the input/output setting screen for video.
  • Increased the [AUTO] setting types in the [OUT FADE] menu.
    The repeat speed of the fade-in/fade-out varies as follows with increasing rotation of the OUTPUT FADE dial from the center.
    Auto1: Fast -> Slow (as before)
    Auto2: Slow -> Fast
Bug Fix
The following bug was fixed.
  • Depending on a video camera connected, the image through the HDMI connection was not input when the camera was powered-on before V-4EX was powered-on.

What you will need to update your V-4EX
Caution when performing the update
  • We recommend that you back your user data up before you perform the update. If a problem occurs and your user data is lost, you will be able to restore the original state by restoring the data you backed up. For details on the procedure, refer to the Owner's Manual.
  • Never apply this update data to any product other than the V-4EX. This update data may destroy the data or system program of other products.
  • Never power-off your V-4EX while the update is in progress!
    If a power failure or similar accident occurs during the update process, the V-4EX won’t be able to start up in normal operating mode. This will require servicing, so you will need to contact Roland service center near you if this occurs.
  • We regret that we are unable to answer questions regarding the update procedure using this system program. Please perform the update responsibly, following the directions given in this document.

Getting the update file
Please open/extract the downloaded “v4ex_sys_v1510.zip” file on your computer to get the update files in the “v4ex_sys_v1510” folder.

Procedure for the update
  • You must not rename the extracted files.
  • Never turn off the V-4EX's power while the update is in progress. Otherwise the system program or the V-4EX itself may be destroyed.
Please install the extracted system program files into your V-4EX according to the following procedure.
  1. Install V-4EX RCS into a Windows PC or a Mac.
  2. Connect the V-4EX and the Windows PC or the Mac with a USB cable.
  3. Power-on the V-4EX while pressing [MENU] and [INPUT] of the MONITOR buttons on the V-4EX.
    The INPUT SELECT [1] to [4], which are arranged on the right-hand of the V-4EX, light up in green.
  4. Start V-4EX RCS, and then click [Update].
    The Update dialog box appears and the V-4EX field displays "Update Mode".
    * When the V-4EX field displays "---", disconnect the USB cable and connect it again.
  5. Drag the program file ( V4EX_ver1510.bin ) to the dialog box and drop it.
    Check that the following appears.
    version: 1.5100
    V-4EX Video Mixer
    Copyright(C) 2013 Roland Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  6. Click [ Update ] on the dialog box to start the update.
    When the update is completed, the message "Update Complete" appears and the V-4EX is automatically powered-off.
  7. Disconnect the USB cable and power-on the V-4EX.
  8. Check that the update has succeeded following the "How to tell the version".

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

Download file

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