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Multi-Format Video Switcher

UtilitiesAdditional Test Patterns for V-1600HD

This is additional test patterns for V-1600HD. You can output new patterns to adjust your output signals and equipments in addition to the internal patterns.


What you will need to use the test pattern files
  • V-1600HD
  • USB memory ( we recommend the M-UF1G / M-UF2G )
    * The USB memory card needs to be formatted on the V-1600HD.
  • Test pattern files ( You can download from this page.)

Caution when using the test patterns
  • If you use these test patterns with a different procedure from this page, it may destroy the data or system program and the V-1600HD won’t be able to start up in normal operating mode.
  • If a power failure or similar accident occurs during the test process, the V-1600HD won’t be able to start up in normal operating mode. This will require servicing, so you will need to contact Roland service center near you if this occurs.
  • We regret that we cannot answer questions regarding the procedure of using these test patterns. You must perform the test on your own responsibility, in accordance with the information provided in this document.

Getting the additional pattern files

Please open/extract the downloaded "v1600hd_pattern.zip" file on your computer to get the eleven files.

The contents for the test

You can use the following test patterns.

  • HD720
  • HD1080
  • SD480
  • SD576
  • SVGA
  • SXGA
  • UXGA
  • VGA
  • WXGA
  • XGA

Procedure for using the pattern files

Use the test patterns with instructions below.

- Creating the USB memory for writing the test pattern files to V-1600HD
  1. Format a USB memory using the V-1600HD.
    [ SYSTEM ] - [ USB Memory Format ]
  2. Start your computer then connect the USB memory to a USB connector of the computer.
  3. Copy the test pattern files (which you would like to use) onto the root directory of the USB memory.
    * Do not copy the folder including the files.
  4. Un-mount the USB memory through the correct procedure, then disconnect from the computer.
- Saving the settings for the memory buttons
When you use this test pattern files, you need to initialize the V-1600HD( Factory Reset ).
If the Factory Reset is performed, the settings and the saving data before that will be lost.

You can back up the settings for the memory buttons to a USB memory.
We recommend you to back up the settings along the following procedure.
  1. Connect the USB memory to the V-1600HD.
  2. Select [ SYSTEM ] -> [ Parameter Storage ] -> [ Save As ]
  3. Edit the file name.
  4. Push the [ ENTER ] button to save to the USB memory.
  5. Push the [ EXIT ] button to close the menu.
* It can save only parameters set to “ON” in the [ Memory Store Parameters ] of the [ SYSTEM ] to memory buttons.
* Please refer to the "Saving Settings to a USB Memory Device" section in the owner's manual for detailed procedures.
- How to use the test patterns
  1. Initialize the V-1600HD.
    Select [ SYSTEM ] -> [ Factory Reset ].
  2. Set the "PGM Format" and the "Frame Rate" to the format which you use.
    Select [ OUTPUT ] -> [ PGM Format ]
    Select [ SYSTEM ] -> [ Frame Rate ]
  3. Set the "Size" of the "Still Image" according to the "PGM Format" setting as below.
    Select [ SYSTEM ] -> [ Still Image ]
    PGM Format Size
     480i(4:3), 480i(16:9), 480p(4:3), 480p(16:9)  SD
     576i(4:3), 576i(16:9), 576p(4:3), 576p(16:9)  SD
     720p  HD720
     1080i, 1080p  HD1080
  4. Connect the USB memory including the test pattern files to the V-1600HD.
  5. Load a test pattern to the "Memory Area 1" of the "Still Image"
    * The file names of the test patterns correspond to the value of the "Size" parameter of the "Still Image".
    * When you select the "SD" for the "Size" parameter, load the "SD576" or the "SD480" according to the "Frame Rate".
  6. Change the "Ch.14" of the "INPUT" from the "BACKGROUND" to the "STILL IMAGE".
    When you select the "CH14" by the "PGM" button, the test pattern is displayed on the screen of the V-1600HD and output to the connectors.

How to save these addtional test patterns
You can save these addtional test patterns to the memory buttons.
If you would like to do so, perform the following procedure.

The test patterns cannot be saved to the internal memory of the V-1600HD. You need to save the patterns to a USB memory and use with connecting it.

  1. Set the [ SYSTEM ] -> [ Memory Store Parameters ] -> [ Still Image ] to the "ON".
  2. Save the test pattern set along the procedure of the "How to use the test patterns" to a MEMORY button.
  3. Repeat the same procedure to save each other patterns to MEMORY buttons.

When you select the MEMORY button saved for the test pattern, the switching requires a long time. We recommend you to save them to the area other than for normal use. (ex. using the separate BANK for the test patterns)

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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