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Multi-Format Video Switcher

System ProgramV-1600HD System Program (Ver.1.51)

This system program updates the V-1600HD system program to the latest version 1.51.


  • Please read "V-1600HD Ver. 1.5 - Added Functions" (V1600HD_ver15_add_e01.pdf) for details of this software.

How to know the version
Before you start, check the system program version of your V-1600HD.
  1. Turn V-1600HD power OFF.
  2. While holding down [ OUTPUT FADE ], turn power ON.
  3. The version will be displayed at the center on the screen.
  4. Turn power OFF.
* If this shows the Ver.1.01 or earlier, you need to update your V-1600HD to "Ver.1.02" before this updating.
* If this shows the latest version, there’s no need to update your V-1600HD.

Update history
[ V1.51 ]
The following bugs fixed.
  • In the case of mixed HD-SDI and SD-SDI input, the SD-SDI connection had shorter transmission distance than other cases.
  • A USB memory device could not be formatted when you performed the Format function with V-1600HD.

[ V1.50 ]
Additional function / Function Improvements
  • Cropping Function - Output Images
    In order to match with the output to LED displays or other output devices, it is now possible to crop the output images.
  • Added Output Formats
    In order to match with the output to various display devices.
  • Automatic Fade Function
    When you switch settings using the MEMORY buttons, you can make the OUTPUT FADE to work automatically.
  • Cropping Function - Inset Screen of Picture in Picture
    You can manually crop the inset screen of Picture in Picture.
  • Support of MIDI Visual Control (MVC)

The following bugs fixed.
  • Compatible with Barco RLM-W8 on HD-SDI connecting.
  • Improved a video signal was confused on switching MEMORY settings.
  • A screen had been confused when a PVW switching and a Key On/Off switching was performed at the same time on a MEMORY. It was corrected.

[Version 1.03]
  • V-1600HD might not start up on connecting some USB memory devices.
  • Fixed bug that a still image captured from a USB memory device was not displayed without pressing the "CH" button once.
[Version 1.02]
  • Compatible with RS-422 TSL UMD PROTOCOL 3.1.
  • New parameter for parity of RS-422.
  • Connectable to a Mac with DisplayPort by using DVI-D.
  • Improved edge blending.
  • Optimized the initial setting of each parameters.
  • You can use MVS-12 to expand COMPOSITE IN.
  • This version or later is NOT compatible on backup data with previous version.
  • Improved USB Host performance
  • Fixed bug that did not display TEST PATERN correctly on AUX mode.

What you will need to update
  • V-1600HD
  • USB Memory ( Roland's M-UF2G is recommended )
    * Before you start, use a computer to format the device using the FAT32 file system.

Caution when performing the update
  • If your V-1600HD is Ver.1.01 or earlier, you need to update your V-1600HD to "Ver.1.02" before this updating.
  • We recommend that you make notes of settings for secure.
  • Never apply this update data to any product other than the V-1600HD. This update data may destroy the data or system program of other products.
  • Never power-off your V-1600HD while the update is in progress!
    If a power failure or similar accident occurs during the update process, the V-1600HD won’t be able to start up in normal operating mode. This will require servicing, so you will need to contact Roland service center near you if this occurs.
  • We regret that we are unable to answer questions regarding the update procedure using this system program. Please perform the update responsibly, following the directions given in this document.

Getting the update file
Please open/extract the downloaded "v1600hd_sys_v151.zip" file on your computer to get the update file named "V-1600HD.PRG" in the "v1600hd_sys_v151" folder.

Procedure for the update
Creating the Update USB Memory
  1. Copy update files V-1600HD.PRG to the root directory of a USB Memory.
Update Procedure
  1. Turn V-1600HD power OFF.
  2. While holding down [OUTPUT FADE], turn power ON.
  3. Check the version number on the display.
  4. Turn V-1600HD power OFF.
  5. Connect USB memory to V-1600HD's USB port. Turn the power on with pressing [TRANSITION] + [INPUT] + [STORE] buttons.
  6. Release the buttons after displaying "Upd" on the Seven-Segment LED display under [TRANSITION TIME].
  7. Press [ENTER] button after displaying "SYSTEM UPDATE Are you sure?" on the built-in screen.
  8. Update process starts and then the display changes as below.
    -> count up from "E00" to "E99"
    -> count up from "P00" to "P99"
    -> count up from "C10" to "C14"
    -> The "OK" will be displayed when the update process is completed.
  9. Turn the power off and un-mount the USB memory from V-1600HD.
  10. While holding down [OUTPUT FADE] button, turn power ON.
  11. Check the version number on the display.
    01: Version No
    System : 1.51 build 000
    Panel : 1.02 SUM AEF1H
  12. Turn V-1600HD power OFF.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

Download file

Supplementary file

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