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24-bit/96kHz USB Audio Interface

Additional ToolEDIROL UA-700 Editor for Windows XP/2000/Me/98

The UA-700 Editor is a software program that can control all the effect settings of the UA-700 through the computer.


Main features

Software control for all effect parameters.
The UA-700 Editor can control all the effect settings of the UA-700 through the computer.

The UA-700 Editor also responds directly to changes made on the UA-700 itself. In other words, if you change an effect parameter using a knob on the UA-700, the editor responds.

Save effect patches into computer.
You can save up to 6 patches in the UA-700 itself. This software allows you to save and load an unlimited number of patches. This function is ideal for home studio based recording.

Save/Load the patches as a MIDI file.
With the UA-700 Editor you can save the patch as a MIDI file.
You can also insert the patch of effect settings into the song using a sequencing program.

Intuitive user interface.
The UA-700 Editor is designed to easily control the parameters of the UA-700. It also gives the user visible parameter values.

Compatible with PC/Mac
The UA-700 Editor works on Win98/SE/ME/2000/XP & MacOS9.x.

Other Features

Variety of guitar amp models.
You can customize the sound of 11 different types of amp models.

Sys-Ex display.
When operating the UA-700 with the UA-700 Editor, Sys-Ex messages display on the screen instantly, for easy implementation into your favorite sequencing program. Check sum is automatically calculated.

Numeric value display.
The editor displays exact number of effect parameters and settings, which you cannot see from the panel of UA-700 itself, for more precise effect control.

Snapshot function.
The function provides preset effects settings for each category; Comp, Amp modeling, & Guitar Effects. You can also store your own setting as snapshots for each of these categories.

Easy configuration.
Easily configure custom parameters for advanced settings. With the UA-700 Editor, you can directly access advanced parameters to take total control of your effect.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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