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Demos"Exploring Sound"(PDF)

This is a free self-learning lesson book about sound design of GAIA synthesizer. "Exploring Sound" (PDF) is available on many devices with PDF reader. You can download the same audios inside iBooks version as mp3 data separately.

Products:GAIA SH-01

What is "Exploring Sound"
This content fits for those who think,
"I'm interested in sound design but I have no idea what to do at first."
"I want to understand the structure of synthesizer."
"I want create my original sound more effectively."

"Exploring Sound" is a self-learning lesson book to cover from the very beginning to advanced application such as the structure of synthesizer, sound wave shape or how to combine the sound.
It contains 12 lessons and you can study according to your own progress.

Using this book along with GAIA SH-01 and/or the software GAIA SYNTHESIZER SOUND DESIGNER would be highly recommended.

Features of PDF version
  • You can read it on many devices with PDF reader.
  • All pages are printable.
  • You can listen to the same audios inside iBooks version with separately downloadable mp3 data. File name of mp3 data is corresponding to audio number in PDF.

How to download PDF version
Agree the license agreement and click "download" hereunder.

(Above) "Exploring Sound" PDF data (7.7 MB)
(Below) "Exploring Sound" Audio data (4.1MB)

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

Download file

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