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Loop Station

UpdatesRC-50 System Program Version 1.01


The Ver.1.01 firmware allows customers to choose the "Sound priority" mode or the "Rhythm priority" mode, which are operations for the on-the-fly loop phrase recording.
"Sound priority" mode: The RC-50 immediately starts to playback the phrase from its top when you finish recording by kicking the REC pedal.

"Rhythm priority" mode (On the current firmware, this mode is default and fixed): The RC-50 mutes the sound of the recorded phrase for a bit, when you kick the REC pedal to finish recording, in order to surely avoid any risks of delay in playback the recorded phrase in any occasion. The mute would never be repeated on the second playback and later. The Rhythm Guide and/or pre-loaded tracks would never be muted.

When you use the Rhythm Guide and MIDI Sync, the "Rhythm priority" mode is automatically selected because the playback timing should be more critical when you use the pre-loaded tracks and/or MIDI sync.
Once customers select one of the modes, it would be kept as the default setting even after turning off the RC-50.

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