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SoundPatchesRecovery Patch for starting up R-MIX for Mac

This Recovery Patch is used for fixing the start-up trouble of R-MIX for Mac.


About the start-up trouble of R-MIX for Mac
We received reports that R-MIX for Mac could not start up with the error message "Data required for the execution of R-MIX cound not be found." when starting up it on some environments.
In this case, perform the "Recovery Patch for starting up R-MIX for Mac" in the following procedure, and then R-MIX would be able to start up.

* When R-MIX can start up normally, you don't have to perform this "Recovery Patch for starting up R-MIX for Mac."

Downloading and expanding the archive
Download rmix_mac_patch.zip to the desktop or any location.
The file is the archive in zip format. After expanding the archive, "rmix_mac_patch" folder including "rmix_install_patch.command" file will be available.

How to use the Recovery Patch
  1. Double-click the “rmix_install_patch.command.”
  2. The terminal window opens, and then the Recovery Patch will execute.
    When you are required to input a password by the "Password:" prompt in the terminal window, please input the password of the administrator user logged in and press the [return] key.
  3. When the Recovery program is completed, the [Process completed] message will appear in the terminal window.
  4. Quit the terminal program.
  5. Check that R-MIX can start up.

* If you execute the Recovery Patch “rmix_install_patch.command” in state of starting up R-MIX normally, the [ No such file or directory ] message will appear in the terminal window.

[ When you use on OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) ]
Perform the following procedure after expanding.
* This is required only on the first operation.
  1. Click the icon while pushing the [control] key.
  2. Select the [Open] from the displayed menu.
  3. Click the [Open] button after the message to confirm the execution is displayed.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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