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UpdatesRoland MV-8000 Version 3.5 System Update Program

This program updates your MV-8000 (Ver.1, 2, or 3) to the Version 3.5.

Products:MV-8000 / MV-8000 Version 3 / MV-8000 Version 3.5 / MV8-VGA

Keypoints on MV-8000 version 3.5 update
  • Audio Track and Mute Automation: Audio Track mixing operation can now be recorded and reproduced on an internal MIDI Track. Track Mute operation can be recorded and reproduced on the internal Sequencer too.
  • Recordable MFX Control-knob movements: MFX Control Knob (C1 – C3) movement can be recorded and reproduced on the internal Sequencer. Analog Modeling Bass cutoff and resonance can be automated too.
  • 3 Band EQ added to Audio Track and Instrument Part: Audio Track and Instrument Part independent sound control is possible.
  • Pencil Tool added to VGA Piano Roll window: Note events can be inserted on the fly with Pencil Tool
  • Patch Preview mode added to Import function: Following Patches can be previewed before importing. MV-8000 Patches, Roland S700-Series Patches, AKAI MPC2000XL Programs, and AKAI S1000/3000 Programs.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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