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SoundPatchesME-25 Library Data

Preset and Additional Sounds for the ME-25


This Library Data includes preset Sound Library/Memory preloaded in the ME-25, and Extra Sounds that can be added to the ME-25 Sound Library.

You can use the ME-25 Librarian to transmit and change the data inside the ME-25 Sound Library/Memory. In order to use the ME-25 Library Data, you'll need to install the ME-25 Librarian into your computer. If you don't have yet, please download the software from the following.

How to install the sounds into the ME-25

Please download and open ME-25_Librarydata_V100.zip file, then copy the "ME-25_Librarydata_V100" folder onto your computer's suitable directory.
Go through the following steps to install the downloaded data files into the ME-25.

  1. Choose a category from the Main window's "Memory / Sound Library".
  2. To open the downloaded files, select "File" - "Open". The Library window will open.
  3. Select "Edit" - "Select All".
  4. Select "Edit" - "Copy".
  5. Bring the Main window to the front, and click the first row of the Sound list.
  6. Select "Edit" - "Insert". The Sounds selected in the Main window will be copied.
  7. Click "ME-25 Write All" button. When the dialog opens, click "OK" to write the Sounds on to the ME-25.

For more information about the Librarian, choose "Help" from the ME-25 Librarian's starting menu, and click "ME-25 Librarian Manual".

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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