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UpdatesM-48 Ver.1.010 System Program

This is the software to make your M-48 up-to-date.


[--> Ver.1.010]
  • Engineer’s Monitor function has been added.
  • Added the "Mix only assigned sources" check box to the Mix Option.
    By checking the check box, only sources assigned to a group will be mixed.
Please refer to the "S-4000RCS Version 2.2 User Guide" (S-4000RCS_v22_Win_e01.pdf) for details.

 - How to download and expand the archive file
Download the file named "m48_sys_v1010.zip".
It is an archive file in zip format, please double click on the file to expand. After expanding the file, the folder "m480_sys_v1010" holding the file "M-48.PRG" will be appeared.

 - How to update
M-48 can be updated via S-4000 RCS, M-400 or M-380.
Please refer to the following documents for details.
  • Steps to update M-48(Updating via S-4000 RCS): M-48_update_rcs_e.pdf
  • Steps to update M-48(Updating via M-400 or M-380): M-48_update_m400_e.pdf

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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