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Mobile Synthesizer with Digital Recorder

UtilitiesJUNO-Gi factory installed data in the included SD Card

This is a file for recovering factory installed data in the included SD Card.
* In order to use this data, you'll need a computer and a commercially available SD card reader.


---- How to use this data ----

You will find the "ROLAND" folder in the folder that you downloaded and expanded.

* When you copy the factory installed data to the SD card, all data that was previously on the SD card will be lost. Please back up SD card data to your computer before you format.

* The demo song data is included in the factory installed data.

  1. Initialize (format) the SD card.
    (Refer to "Formatting SD card (SD card format)" in the owner's manual.)
  2. Please remove the SD card from the JUNO-Gi, and use a SD card reader to open the SD card on your computer.
  3. Copy (drag and drop) the entire expanded "ROLAND" folder from your computer to the SD card.
    * You must copy the entire "ROLAND" folder. The system will not operate correctly if you copy only some of the files in the "ROLAND" folder.
  4. When copying is completed, unmount (disconnect) the SD card from the computer, and then remove the SD card from the SD card reader.

    * Windows 7/Vista/XP users:
    In My Computer (or Computer), right-click the "removable disk" icon, and choose "Eject."

    * Mac OSX users:
    Drag the SD card icon to the Trash.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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