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Hyper Canvas – High Quality Software Synthesizer

UpdatesEDIROL HQ-GM2 Hyper Canvas VST Version 1.5.1 Updater for Macintosh

This updater will update your Hyper Canvas VST Version 1.00-1.03 and Version 1.50 to Version 1.51.


[Update History]
*Version 1.50 -> 1.51
- We have fixed the problem that "Bank Select LSB" message is not ignored when the "Logic" control change map was chosen.

- We have fixed the problem that had caused "stuck notes" when switching between Mono mode / Poly mode while a note was sounding.

*Version 1.03 -> 1.50
Version 1.50 adds the following new functionality.
For details, refer to the online manual for Hyper Canvas.

- Multi-output support
You can use your host application to apply effects to individual parts, or output audio to multiple devices.
*In order to use the multi-out functionality, your host application must support VST2.0.

- Support for MIDI automation
Hyper Canvas panel operations can be recorded on a MIDI track of your host application and reproduced during playback.
*In order to use MIDI automation functionality, your host application must support VST2.0.

- Learning function
You can assign any control change message to the parameters that can be operated from the Hyper Canvas panel. This makes it easy to operate Hyper Canvas from your MIDI controller.

- Phrase Preview function
You can audition the sound selected for each part using a phrase appropriate for that sound.

- Tone Remain function
You can switch sounds or rhythm sets without silencing the currently sounding notes. This allows you to unobtrusively switch between sounds while playing.
If the Tone Remain function is enabled, the state of settings such as pitch bend and portamento will be maintained even when you switch sounds.

- Light load mode
This setting lightens the processing load of your computer by simplifying some of the internal processing of the sound generator.

- Save and load performance data
You can save the current settings of Hyper Canvas as a file, and load such files. This lets you use the same settings in another song, or transfer your settings to another computer.

In addition, the following improvements have been made.

- Certain aspects of Pan processing have been improved; you can now pan to the far left or right even when a stereo sound is selected.

*Version 1.02 -> 1.03
- The pitch of the program change number 48 sound "Timpani" has been raised one octave relative to the keyboard. This brings the pitch into compliance with the GM2 specifications.

* This correction affects the pitch of the timpani in the following demo songs provided on the software CD-ROM.
Demo songs with corrected pitch are included with the updater, so please use these corrected demo songs.


- We have fixed the problem that had caused noise to be heard during performance when certain sounds and settings were used.

- We have improved the algorithms of the internal effects in order to produce richer, more natural effects.

*Version 1.01 -> 1.02
- Fixed a problem that caused the Hyper Canvas CD-ROM to be unreadable when certain versions of Mac OS were combined with certain CD-ROM drives (including DVD-ROM drives that can also read CD-ROMs).

*Version 1.00 -> 1.01
- Fixed a problem that caused notes to be interrupted when playing some types of music data.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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