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G-70 Version 2

Music Workstation

UpdatesG-70 System Program Version 2.02

The System Program Ver. 2.02 is a minor update version of G-70’s Operating System. Not only enhanced stability of the operation system but also functional improvements are realized on the Ver. 2.02. You can enjoy more benefits of SR-G01 Drum Kits, as Ver. 2.02 System Program contains the conversion table between the maps of internal drum kits and the maps of 6 x drum kits on the SR-G01 Expansion Board. You can just replace the G-70 Internal Drum Kits with SR-G01 Drum Kits on various styles. On the previous version, due to the difference of note numbers of SR-G01 drum kits and Internal drum kits, G-70 + SR-G01 users could enjoy only SR-G01 bundled Styles with SR-G01 Drum Kits. Although there are some exceptions (of styles using some specific drum kits e.g. Voice, SFX, Ethnic, Brush related kits), now you can experience more variety of drum sounds on the various styles instantly.

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