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UpdatesG-70 Version2 Update — Installation into the External Memory

This file is for upgrade the G-70 to G-70 Version 2. You can use this when you don't have enough room in the internal memory or you'd like to use an external memory. *Attention: To perform the update operation, you need an external memory card with a PCMCIA adaptor. If you use an internal memory, please refer to another updater "Installation into the Internal Memory". You can find how to check your free memory space in the following part of this document.

Products:G-70 / G-70 Version 2

Before any update operation, please make a personal data backup.
If you have some trouble you can come back restoring your personal data previously backup.

How to check your free memory space
1. Press [MENU] > [UTILITY] > [INFO].
3. Please check if the memory free is more than 9,300 Kbytes

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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Supplementary file

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