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Video Field Recorder

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UpdatesF-1 Ver.2.100 System Program

This program is used to update the F-1 system software to the most recent version



UtilitiesF-1 NetControl Ver. for Mac OS X



UtilitiesF-1 Utility / F-1 Net Control Ver. for Windows

< Note > 1.The EDIROL F-1 Utility software requires the latest ersion of Microsoft DirectX 9.0 to run. For the latest DirectX 9.0 update, please visit the Microsoft Download Center 2.If the old version of this software is already installed to a PC, the old version of the software have to be uninstalled from the PC before installing the new one.

OS:Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP


UtilitiesF-1 DV Corrector

"F1 DV Corrector" software is used for correcting error of DV stream data. Before ver.1.30, sometimes data error was inserted to DV stream recorded by F-1. Now ver.1.30 software solved this problem. If you would like to correct such data error of the DV files which was previously recorded on F-1, please use this F1 DV Corrector software before loading to NLE applications.

OS:Mac OS X/Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP


Technical InformationF-1 Dimensions DXF



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