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HD-1 Drum Tutor

UtilitiesPractice Songs for DT-HD1 "8-beat 101"

This set contains additional practice songs for the HD-1 Drum Tutor (DT-HD1). The download contains the Standard MIDI Files (SMF) that you can play on the HD-1 Drum Tutor, plus a PDF file that explains the “8-beat 101” lesson.


This lesson is composed of seven segments to teach you how to play 8-beat patterns, the basic pattern in drumming.From lesson 3 onward, you can practice along with backing tracks. So let's start out with learning how to play the 8-beat pattern.

PDF Contents
Lesson 1 Basic Training                                      2
Lesson 2 Experience 8-beat.                                              3
Lesson 3 Familiarize yourself with 8-beat.                          4
Lesson 4 Add fill-ins.                                                           7
Lesson 5 Play an 8-beat pattern along with a song.           9
Lesson 6 Let's warm up the song with an 8-beat pattern.  10
Lesson 7 Let's master the 8-beat performance.                 11
Tricks for practicing with Drum Tutor                                  12

How To Use

1. Start the DT-HD1.
2. Click the [LOAD SONG] button to select the Standard MIDI File (SMF), or drag the SMF file into the window.
3. Click the [PLAY] button, then play the song.
4. Your accuracy score is displayed in real time as you play.
5. Let’s check the instructional PDF, then play.
For more detail, please refer to the [Help] menu of HD-1 Drum Tutor.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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