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BR-1600CD Version 2

Digital Recording Studio

UpdatesBR-1600CD Version 2.20 Update via CD-R

This file is for update via CD-R. With Version 2 update, the BR-1600CD will have GT-6B equivalent COSM Bass Amp, enhanced Vocal Tool Box, MIDI Slave capability, and more.

Products:BR-1600CD / BR-1600CD Version 2

  • Fixed the issue that the remaining capacity of internal drive may be lost atypically. (Ver.2.20)
  • Fixed the issue that the data in the BR-1600CD may be damaged when transfer data via USB between the BR-1600CD and the PC running Windows Media Player 11. (Ver.2.10)
  • GT-6B equivalent COSM Bass Amp section
  • Enhanced Vocal Tool Box for editing capability expansion
  • MIDI Slave capability for control from external MIDI devices
  • BR-1180CD/1200CD data compatibility

BR-1600CD System Update Procedure

To checking the system program version of your BR-1600CD:
Please press [<] and [>] in the same time when the normal top screen is displayed. If the latest version (Version 2.20 or later) is displayed, there's no need to update your BR-1200CD. (To back to normal screen, press [ENTER/YES] again.)

Tools Needed:
1. BR-1600CD
2. BR-1600CD Update CD

Note: To create the BR-1600CD Update CD, extract the downloaded BR1600CD_V220.zip and burn the "br1600.prg" file to the root directory of an IS0 9660 (Level 2, mode 1) formatted CD-R.

Update Procedure:
1. While holding STOP and PLAY, turn the power on.
2. When "Insert Disk" is displayed, press the Eject button on the BR-1600CD to open the CD tray.
3. Insert the Update CD.
4. Close the CD tray. The contents of the update will be read.
5. When "Update OK?" is displayed, press ENTER/YES.
Note: Never turn off the BR-1600CD while the update is in progress.
6. When "Complete" is displayed, turn the BR-1600CD's power off.
7. Power on normally to resume normal operation.
To check the new version number, press [<] and [>] in the same time again. (To back to normal screen, press [ENTER/YES].)

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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