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System ProgramBK-9 System Program Version 1.06

This system program updates your BK-9 to the latest version 1.06.


How to tell the version
Please check the version of the system working on your BK-9 before downloading the archive file.
  1. Press the [ MENU ] button.
  2. Select GLOBAL and press the [ ENTER ] button.
  3. Select UTILITY and press the [ ENTER ] button.
  4. Scroll up to the end of the list to reach the Version Info Label.
* Don't perform the update if the product is already up-to-date.

Version history
[ Ver.1.06 ]
Please refer to the "BK-9 Addendum ( BK-9_AddendumV106_e1.pdf )" for detailed information.
[New functions]
  • Compatibility with BK-9 Performance editor.
  • Copy performances
    a. Now you can copy one, several or all Performances from one Performance list to another.
  • Importing User Programs from G-/VA-/E-series.
    a. function allows you to control the volume of the accompaniments parts depending on the way you strike the keys in the chord recognition area (velocity sensitivity).
  • Mark&Jump function to variation 1-2-3-4- during the smf playing.
  • User Drum Kit
    a. Added the possibility to edit some parameters that characterize the sound of a drum instrument.
  • Fade IN/OUT Setting
    a. It is possible to set the Fade In and Fade Out time duration.
  • These parameters can be selected using [MENU] button -> "Global" H.Bar Level Slider Assign (H.Bar Level)
    a. This parameter sets the "H.BAR Level" slider (Red slider) to adjust either the overall organ volume level or the overdrive level.
  • Set the transpose to 0 in One Shot
    a. Now you can set the transpose to 0 immediately, press the [KEY] button while the display shows the "KEY" pop-up window.
  • MIDI (Rx Common Exp)
    a. This parameter allows you to specify that Expression messages received on the channel you select here (1~16) should affect all of the BK-9's parts (except for the song parts). Selecting "Off" Expression messages should only affect the part that receives on the MIDI channel used by the Expression messages.
  • Pedal Controller FC-7
    a. You can use the FC-7 footswitch unit Board to activate the Audio Phrases. The Audio Key function uses the 7 right most keys of BK-9's keyboard. If you want these keys available to play notes, you can assign the activation of the Audio Phrases to the optional FC-7 footswitch unit Board.
  • Assign Switches (Unlock All function)
    a. You can to unlock in one shot all filters acting when changing performances.
  • Scale Tune Switch
    a. The "Scale Tune" settings now can be applied to the Upper1 and Upper2 separately.
  • Linking a MIDI Set to the Performance memory
    a. You can link a User MIDI set to the Performance memory.
  • Performance Hold (New filters added)
    a. Three new filters "Assign Switches" and "DBeam" and "MIDI Set" were added.
  • One Touch Hold (New filters added)
    a. Two new filters "Assign Switches" and "DBeam" were added.
[Bug Fixes]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • The C1 value is not recalled on performance
  • The MBS key touch doesn't work correctly
  • Select the same tone in up1 and up2, now the window doesn't refresh
    a. Power on.
    b. Select 0001 GranPiano1 to up1.
    c. Select 0001 GranPiano1 to up2.
    d. Try to change the part up1 and up2 but the window always shows only one part.
  • The fade in doesn't work perfectly on MIDI Files
  • The slider of CC1,CC2,CC3 show wrong values (0~127)
  • Wrong Supernatural sound with MP3 and USB midi
    a. Connect USB MIDI to a PC (Windows) and power on.
    b. Select mp3 (U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.mp3).
    c. Press Play.
    d. Select SuperNatural trumpet.
    e. Play trumpet.
    you will hear a remarkable delay in note on and off (similar to hold effect....).
  • Wrong SRB Styles
  • Wrong behaviour in smf Makeup tools and in Style Makeup tools
    a. Load a midi file or a style.
    b. Enter in Make up tools.
    c. Select the drum part.
    d. Select Drum istrument field.
    e. Change the velocity value (es. + 40).
    f. Change the Drum Istrument value.
    The Velocity value is 40 again.
  • The mixer environment doesn't refresh
    a. Select Style "001 Space Beat".
    b. Press ONE TOUCH 3 (then you select H. BAR).
    c. Press MIXER to select the PART MIXER screen.
    d. Remain the mixer open and press ONE TOUCH 4 (then you select "SC Loud Gtr").
    Now there is no MIXER PART for UP1 !!
  • The numeric function doesn't work in left screen (tone number).
  • The rhythm intro is cut when you use the audio loop.
  • the Lock rhythm function doesn't change the tempo of the style.
  • In style composer the Time signature is not set in INTRO 2.
  • It's impossible to select the tone number of the user tone family that has pc=127.
  • MFX2 CTRL1 Sens/Source not recalled at performance change.

[ Ver.1.05 ]
Please refer to the "BK-9 Addendum ( BK-9_AddendumV105_e1.pdf )" for detailed information.
[Functionality Improvements]
  • User Drum Kit
[Bug Fixes]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • Rename with iPad doesn't work:
    a. Connect BK-9 with iPad.
    b. Select a performance on BK-9.
    c. Press WRITE.
    d. Try to rename with iPad, it doesn't work.
  • It is not possible to edit the name of recorded song:
    a. Set Menu -> Global -> Utility -> RecMode: AUDIO.
    b. Press Lyrics.
    c. Press REC (rec waiting).
    d. Press REC (rec start).
    e. Press REC (rec stop).
    f. After the executing the right led lights (it is wrong).
    g. If you press the left switch of LCD, it doesn't work.
    So it is not possible to input a name. (if you press exit the window get the focus again).
  • Set Auto power off to 240 min. as default value.
  • Dec and Inc buttons should work into rename ambient.
  • Into Edit Audio key the display shows: 1:33:58:11 when a " .wav" file is loaded.
  • Recalling an audio key, the start of rhythm doesn't work.
  • Recalling a performance linked with wav file, the Audio key button should switch off:
    a. Load an Audio Key set.
    b. Recall a performance linked with wav file.
    c. The Audio key button should switch off.
  • Anomalies with guitar noises in Rhythm Composer when the track highlighted is Drum.
  • Auto play remain on master window.
  • Sync Start function with Audio Keys.
  • Dec and Inc buttons should scroll file into USB memory.
    a. Press USB memory button.
    b. First select either a file or a folder containing files.
    c. Press the INC or DEC button. Files do not scroll as they should.
  • Audio key with wav files doesn't work in sync on changing BPM of style.
  • Sync Start should be disabled into AUDIO KEY/EDIT.
  • The Performance List is not update with the new one.
  • DEC and INC buttons don't work into AUDIO KEY/EDIT.
    Recall an audio key during rhythm playback, the Audio key should enter to the next downbeat.

Items to prepare for the update
Following items are required to perform the update.
  • BK-9 itself
  • USB Flash Memory ( Roland's M-UF2G is recommended )
    * The USB Flash Memory need to be formatted on a BK-9.
  • A computer with a USB connector ( Windows, Mac )

Cautions with the update
  • Never apply this update data to any product other than the BK-9. This update data may destroy the data or system program of other products.
  • Never power-off your BK-9 while the update is in progress!
    If a power failure or similar accident occurs during the update process, the BK-9 won’t be able to start up in normal operating mode. This will require servicing, so you will need to contact Roland service center near you if this occurs.
  • We regret that we are unable to answer questions regarding the update procedure using this system program. Please perform the update responsibly, following the directions given in this document.

How to update

  1. Expand the downloaded file "bk9_sys_v106.zip" (5 files):
    - release.txt
    - rom.bin
    - startup
    - update
  2. First delete all existing files from the USB memory then copy the above content (5 files) to the USB memory's root folder.
  3. After verifying that the BK-9 power is off, plug the USB memory into the BK-9's USB MEMORY port.
  4. Keeping the [ WRITE ] button pressed, power on the BK-9 .
    Hold the [ WRITE ] Button until the "Update Mode:" text appears on the top line of the LCD of BK-9.
  5. Wait until the end of the update; the display will show "SUCCESS ".
    Note: The update procedure takes about 20 minutes. During the update the LCD content may change a few times.
  6. Switch off the BK-9.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

Download file

Supplementary file

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