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System ProgramAR-3000 version 1.29 (Update via MIDI)


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How to know the version
Before you start, check the system program version of your AR-3000.
  1. Turn AR-3000 power OFF
  2. While holding down [SELECT], turn power ON.
  3. The version will be displayed at the center on the screen.
  4. Turn power OFF.
* If this shows the latest version, there’s no need to update your AR-3000.

Update history

[Ver.1.28 → Ver.1.29]
[Fixed Bug]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • Playback a phrase by PLB command (start playback, assert busy out during playback) causes a continuous assertion of control out signal during playback instead of one second assertion just after the playback.
  • Sending TQ:"Time Stamp Request" command to a phrase which has no time stamp via telnet causes a sending back to telnet of RS-232C control code stx: "Start of Text", 02H which is inappropriate or nothing to telnet.
  • In some cases of operation, automated sending of CC:"Card Insertion Status" or ST:"Stop Playback" might fail to handle RS-232C control code stx: "Start of Text", such as not sending it via RS-232C or wrongly sending it via Telnet.
  • Issuing a command via telnet after issuing an EDIT command via RS-232C might cause a problem that the prompt "AR>" might not be displayed after sending ACK message "OK".
  • When AR-3000 received incorrect commands as two consecutive "stx", it lost control by RS-232C.
  • Because of the bug handling linefeed code incorrectly, a correct command might be handled as an error in some TELNET clients.
  • An error might occur on MIDI recording if you connect a equipment that the transmission interval of MIDI Active Sensing is slightly longer than the recommended value of the MIDI standard to MIDI IN.
    It is corrected so that it can be possible to record normally even if such an equipment is connected.
[Improved functions]
  • Improved the process on mounting a PC card.
    The phrase configuration file is updated only if the phrase file has been changed.

[Ver.1.27 → Ver.1.28]
[Fixed Bug]
  • In rare instances the AR-3000 might freeze with the timing which stops recording phrases with TELNET control. Regardless of the timing of stop processing, it has been corrected in order for stop processing to be done.
  • When you play-backed pattern phrase with RS-232C control, registered phrases to pattern in some conditions made the AR-3000 freeze. This problem has been fixed.
  • The AR-3000 might send incorrect "%%" command which was the progress value of card operation, when editing command was executed with RS-232C/TELNET control. This trouble was corrected. But there is no problem in operation of editing command.
  • "CD"(card delete) RS-232C/TELNET command could erase data on PC cards which were protection "ON". The cards protect function has been properly work.
  • When you formatted PC cards in DUAL MONO MODE, trouble that phrase number display might be not switched was solved.

[Ver.1.26 → Ver.1.27]
[Fixed Bug]
  • In rare instances, some phrase playback might have been ring-modulated. This symptom occurred under certain unusual PC Card circumstances.
  • When you tried to erase a phrase on Card B using FTP, the Phrase Information for the same phrase number on Card A was erased, and the phrase became unavailable.
  • When you converted a single stereo phrase to two mono phrases:(STEREO into MONO x 2) using the Phrase Convert function, the phrases created were unreadable by PCs.
  • Even if free memory was insufficient, the Phrase Divide function was processed, resulting in the creation of incomplete phrases and no error messages were displayed during the Phrase Divide process. In the new software the amount of remaining memory space is checked, and if there is not enough memory space available, the Phrase Divide procedure will not start.
  • When you converted a single stereo phrase into two mono phrases: (STEREO into MONO x 2) using the Phrase Convert function and there was insufficient free PC Card memory available, the AR-3000 eventually froze. This problem has been fixed.
  • When the AR-3000 was the MMC slave and received certain commands under specific circumstance, it started to record by mistake.
  • When operating the AR-3000 according to a certain procedure using Direct Playback, the mode returned to "Direct Play : NORMAL"
  • During Dual Mono Mode playback, the problems of BUSY OUT/CONT OUT have been fixed.
  • When you turned on the AR-3000 with both A/B Cards inserted, the RS-232C transmission rate of only Card B was reflected.
  • When the AR-3000 received the 'PQ'(Phrase reQuest for AR-2000/3000) command, it responded to the System Setting incorrectly. This has been fixed. The command 'QQ' (Phrase reQuest for AR-3000) command also works correctly.
  • In Dual MONO MODE the AR-3000s did not communicate the correct phrase numbers when given the 'AC' RS-232C command during R channel recording stand-by. This has been corrected.
  • When the AR-3000 received the incorrect format for the 'LS' RS-232C command, the result might affect the ON/OFF setting of the card-protect function.
  • During Preview or Scrub playback, the phrase's Playback Points were sometimes played back from incorrect locations.
  • When a phrase's Delay Time and Fade In time were played, a slight noise sounded at the end of the Delay Time.
  • Phrase loop times of less than 10 frames are not allowed in the AR-3000, but this setting could be entered in some circumstances and then the loop phrases were not played back correctly.
  • When joined phrases were played back during Preview playback mode, the Play LED did not indicated the correct condition.

What you will need to update your AR-3000
  • AR-3000
  • A MIDI Sequencer (MC-80 etc.) or a PC with MIDI interface
  • A MIDI Cable
  • The 32 update files from _00001.mid to _00032.mid

Caution when performing the update
  • If you update on the normal mode of AR-3000 against the correct procedrue, this update data may destroy the system program.
  • Never power-off your AR-3000 while the update is in progress!
    If a power failure or similar accident occurs during the update process, the AR-3000 won’t be able to start up in normal operating mode. This will require servicing, so you will need to contact Roland service center near you if this occurs.
  • We regret that we are unable to answer questions regarding the update procedure using this system program. Please perform the update responsibly, following the directions given in this document.

Getting the update file
Please open/extract the downloaded “ar3000_sys_v129.zip” file on your computer to get the update files named “_00001.mid to _00032.mid” in the “ar3000_sys_v129” folder.

Procedure for the update
  1. Press the [ENTER] button while turning the unit's power on.
  2. The updating procedure (MIDI or CARD) will be displayed.
    MIDI -> [PLAY]
    CARD -> [STOP]
  3. Press [PLAY] and select updating via MIDI.
  4. Connect a transmitting unit (sequencer such as an MC-80) to MIDI OUT and the AR-3000 to MIDI IN using the MIDI cable.
  5. When "SEND NEW PROGRAM DATA" is displayed, start data transmission for updating.
  6. Send 32 MIDI files in order of file name (from _00001.mid to _00032.mid). It takes about 30 minutes to sned all MIDI files.
  7. When updating is started, the following display will appear, and file reading begins. Files will be read from hexadecimals 00-0 to 1F-F.
    -- UPDATE MODE - MIDI --
    FILE NO. 01 - 9
  8. When update data reading is completed, the version number will be displayed.
    When the following is displayed, press the [ENTER] button.
    -- UPDATE MODE --
  9. After "NOW WRITING" appears and when Program writing is completed, the version number and the Checksum will appear.
    -- UPDATE MODE --
    VER. 1.29
    SUM 611B
  10. Turning off the unit's power completes the process.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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