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Additional ToolARE-3000 AR CARD DATA EDITOR Ver.3.00

The AR Editor (ARE-3000) is software that allows you to use your computer to edit the data contained on the PC / CF / SD cards used with the AR Series devices.

Products:AR-100 / AR-200 / AR-2000 / AR-200R / AR-200S / AR-3000 / AR-3000R / AR-3000SD

Table of Contents

Update History
[ Ver.3.00 ]
[ Additional Functions ]
  • Support for the AR-3000SD was added.
  • A function for importing for MP3 files was added.
  • A function for importing command-phrase text files was added.
  • A programmable-timer setting function was added.
  • A preview-playback function for audio phrases was added.
[ Ver.2.00 ]
[ Additional Functions ]
  • Added the functions for AR-3000R / 200R / 200S Ver.2.00 or later as follows.
    • Importing WAV Files as AR phrase data
    • Cleanup card / Phrase Delete / Phrase Copy for WAV files.

Installation Procedure
Please open / extract the downloaded "are3000_win300.zip" file on your computer to get the file named "ARE.EXE" in the "are3000_win300" folder.
This software requires no special installation procedure.
Copy the "ARE.EXE" file to the computer to be used.
Please refer to the "ARE-3000 AR CARD DATA EDITOR Owner's Manual" ( ARE-3000_v3_e01.pdf ) for details.

System Requirements
- OS
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 8.1 32-bit / 64-bit Edition
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 8 32-bit / 64-bit Edition
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 7 32-bit / 64-bit Edition
Microsoft(R) Windows Vista(R) 32-bit / 64-bit Edition SP1
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Home Edition/XP Professional SP3
* The ARE-3000 does not work with Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Media Center Edition/ XP Professional x64.
- CPU / Clock
Pentium(R) / Celeron(R) or compatible processor, 300 MHz or faster
* We cannot make guarantees regarding the compatibility of processors.
- PC / CF / SD card interface
PC / CF / SD card reader / writer, PC / CF card adapter
- Compatible Data
Data on cards used on AR series devices ( AR-3000SD / AR-3000R / 3000 / 200R / 200S / 200 / 2000 / 100 )
* Functions available only on the AR-3000SD / AR-3000R / 3000 / 200R / 200S / 200 cannot be used with the AR-2000 / 100. For this reason, the parameters for such functions cannot be selected when editing data on cards used with AR-2000 / 100 devices.
* Parameters that cannot be selected with the AR-2000 / 100 Display Auto Off Equalizer settings Volume Thru Line Thru settings ( Line Thru Volume, Fade In, Fade Out ) Busy settings ( Phrase Playback ) AR-LINK settings Control Input settings ( Control Terminal Recording ) MIDI settings ( MIDI messages received, MMC Mode, MTC ) Phrase data ( Fade In, Fade Out, Loop )

Important Notes
  • Roland corporation and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any loss or damage ( loss of profits, loss of data or other economical losses ) caused by use of this software. This is applicable even in case users were notified from Roland Corporation and its affiliates about possibility of such losses.
  • Do not use this software for purposes that could infringe on a copyright held by a third party. Roland Corporation assumes no responsibility whatsoever with regard to any infringements of third-party copyrights arising through your use of this software.
  • Unauthorized recording, distribution, sale, lending, public performance, broadcasting, or the like, in whole or in part, of a work ( musical composition, video, broadcast, public performance, or the like ) whose copyright is held by a third party is prohibited by law.
* All product names mentioned in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

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