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MIDI Keyboard Controller

System ProgramA-PRO System Program Ver.1.15

This system program is to update the A-300/500/800PRO to the most recent version 1.15

Products:A-300PRO / A-500PRO / A-800PRO

Checking the system program version of your A-300/500/800PRO

NOTE: Before you start, check the system program version of your A-300/500/800PRO.
While holding down the [act] and [B1] button, turn on the power. The display will indicate the version.

* After checking the version, you must turn the power off, then on again.
* This program is NOT necessary if your A-300/500/800PRO is running on Ver.1.15 or later.


The following has been fixed.
  • If you transmit a "Keyboard Set" from A-PRO Editor to your A-PRO keyboard when it is consistent with the A-PRO's current "Keyboard Set", the MIDI ch for the active part cannot be set correctly.

Items required for the update

You'll need the following items in order to update the A-300/500/800PRO system program.

Caution when performing the update (Important)
  • When you update the system program, the control map data will also revert to the factory-set condition. If you want to keep your control maps, you must save them on your computer, as described in "Saving control map data on your computer (Bulk Transmit)" in the Owner's Manual.
  • If you perform the update using this system program according to the directions given here, you should not experience any problems. Even if the update fails, you'll be able to perform the update procedure again. In the unlikely event that the system fails to start up even though the update was successful, please contact your dealer or a Roland service center.
  • If you are unable to obtain the update program or if you are unable to download it, we offer an updating service for a fee. Please contact your dealer or a Roland service center.
  • Please be aware that we cannot answer questions regarding the system program update procedure. Perform the update at your own responsibility, following the instructions provided here.

Download procedure
After extracting the compressed file, please follow the instruction "Update procedure" below.

Update procedure

Please update the A-300/500/800PRO accordiong to the following procedure.
  1. Move the switch on the back of the A-PRO keyboard to the position shown in the following figure.
    Don't touch the switch marked "x." If you move the switch marked "x" it will be impossible to power on the A-PRO. In this case, move the switch marked "x" back to its original position, and you will again be able to turn the power on.

  2. Use a USB cable to connect the A-PRO to your PC, and set the A-PRO's power switch to the USB position.
  3. When the A-PRO's display indicates the current version, press the [ENTER] button.
  4. When the A-PRO's display indicates "Erase?," press the blinking button.
  5. When the A-PRO's display indicates "Sure?," press the blinking button.
  6. After the A-PRO's display indicates "Erasing...," the "Please Send SMF." message is displayed.
  7. On your computer, start up UpdSMF.
  8. For "MIDI Out Device," choose [A-PRO].
  9. For "SMF Path," specify the name of the folder that contains the p00001.mid file. You can also click "Path" and search for it. For Macintosh users this will be "Select."
    You can search the folder by clicking the "Path" (or "Select" on Mac OS)
  10. Click "ScanSMF." * This step is not necessary for Macintosh users.
  11. Click "Send" to play back the p00001.mid file.
  12. When the A-PRO's display indicates "Now Writing...," the update process starts
  13. The A-PRO's display indicates "Complete!," and  the "SendSMF / Complete" message is displayed on UpdSMFJ.
  14. Click the "OK" and then "Exit"( or "Quit" on Mac OS) on UpdSMFJ's screen to close the UpdSMFJ.
  15. Turn the A-PRO's power switch OFF.
  16. Return the switch you moved in step 1 to the position shown in the following figure.
    Don't touch the switch marked "×."

  17. Turn on the power, and execute the function of Factory Reset. Please refer to the owner's manual of A-PRO.

License Agreement

Be sure to read the Safety Instructions and the License Agreement before proceeding download.

Download file

Supplementary file

ダウンロード (22.0 KB)

ダウンロード (22.0 KB)

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