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Multi-Format AV Mixer

External Power Supply Compatibility List for VR-50HD


Compatible External Power Supplies
An external power supply with the nominal voltage of DC 12 to 16 V and the output voltage of 90 W or more is available for the VR-50HD.

* Use an external power source that can supply at least 90 W of current.
* Be sure to use an external power source that has the voltage within DC 12 V - 16 V. Using an external power source that has out of the voltage range may cause damage to the unit and the external power source.
* An additional attachment is required for connecting to the VR-50HD.

Reference information:
The following Power Supplies have been verified to work properly on the VR-50HD.
Manufacturer name Model name Up-time on full charge
 IDX  E-10s About one hour
(with 1080p on full load)
 SONY  BP-GL95 About one hour
(with 1080p on full load)

* When an external battery is used, operation is available for an hour with a battery with 90 Wh. The table above shows the operation time as reference. The actual operation time is not guaranteed.
* These figures will vary depending on the specifications, the charging conditions, the drain levels of the batteries and the actual conditions of use.
* Some power supplies bearing model numbers included in this list may not be usable due to differences in design specifications and usage environment. The inclusion of a model number on this list is not a guarantee that all power supplies bearing that number will be fully usable.

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