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Drum Sound Module

Compatibility information with iOS 7 about "V-Drums Friend Jam for iPhone"


We have confirmed that the latest version of "V-Drums Friend Jam for iPhone" works correctly with iOS 7.

< 2013/09/18 >
When you have updated your iOS device to iOS 7, please note the following points.

  • Please select "Don't Allow" when "V-Drums Friend Jam would like to access the microphone" pop-up message appears when you first launch the App on iOS 7 (V-Drums Friend Jam does not require to use the microphone).
  • A pop-up message "The song cannot be loaded because it is protected by DRM" will appear when you try to add songs from iCloud to MY MUSIC on iOS 7. In this case please down load the songs to the "Music (iOS App)" beforehand.

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