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Bar Trigger Pad

Compatibility information for Bar Trigger Pad ( BT-1 )


Before using "BT-1," you may have to update your product. Please check the line for your product in the following table. Refer to each download page that the link represents, for the procedure to check the version.

Model name Compatibility
OCTAPAD SPD-30 Compatible with System Program Ver.2.02 or later. *1
SPD-SX Compatible with System Program Ver.1.03 or later. *1
TD-11 Compatible with System Program Ver.1.11 or later. *1
TD-12 Compatible with the BT-1
TD-15 Compatible with System Program Ver.1.11 or later. *1
TD-20 Compatible with the BT-1
TD-20X Compatible with the BT-1
TD-30 Compatible with System Program Ver.1.12 or later. *1
TD-4 Compatible with the BT-1
TD-9 Compatible with the BT-1
TMC-6 Compatible with the BT-1
TDW-20 Compatible with the BT-1
*1 Updating to this version of the System Program adds the dedicated Trigger Type (Pad Type) for BT-1.

In order for the BT-1 to operate correctly, you must specify the optimal trigger parameter values on your drum sound module. For more information, refer to the "Trigger Parameter Settings for the Drum Sound Module" section of the "BT-1 Owner's Manual."

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