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  • The GK Pickup
  • How to install the GK pickup

How to install the GK pickup

ST model
First, place the pickup where you plan to attach it. After checking that the strings are on top of the yokes, mark the position with tape.
With the clearance gauge, check and adjust the height between the six strings and the yokes. Adjust the height with the spacers by leaving 1mm between the string and the yoke when holding the highest fret. Note: At this point, please do not peel off the adhesive tape. There are three types of spacers with different thickness. Find the right combination. If the height is different between the sixth string and the first string, insert the pickup cushion in either side to angle the pickup.
If you have determined the height between the strings and yokes, remove the strings and attach the spacers. Make sure to attach the spacers exactly where you marked the position.
With the double-sided tape, attach the pickup on top of the spacer.
Make sure that the pickup is correctly attached at the marked position.
Adjust the curvature. A regular ST model is 184R. If you turn the adjustment screw all the way to the right, the curvature will be 184R.
Caution: Artist "signature" models and newer ST model's curvatures may be different.
Check how much cable length is required. Place Holder A on the guitar, determine your controller position, and determine the pickup cable length.
Turn over the controller, and coil the extra cable inside.
Remove the controller screws (three screws that are indicated with arrows).
Fasten the controller to Holder A with the removed screws.
Mount Holder A on the guitar. First, loosen the guitar's end pin approximately 3mm.
Attach Holder A onto Holder B. Use the spring washer and the flat washer for the cap nut. Make sure that the cup nut goes through Holder B's slit when you tighten it on.
Finaly, tighten the strap pin's screw.