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  • The GK Pickup
  • How to install the GK pickup

How to install the GK pickup

Overhang Method
This method is for a bass with a small body or one with more than four strings that does not have enough room to install the controller on the front of the body.

Pickup installation.
Install the divided pickup following the same procedure used for normal installation.
Holder A and B installation
Place Holder A and Holder B so that the body is in between them, and secure by tightening the 5 x 20mm cap bolt. When doing so, Holder B should be on the front of the body and Holder A should be at the rear of the bass.
Install the controller.
Remove the three screws from the back of the controller and use them to secure the controller to Holder C.
Using the two 5 x 8mm cap bolts, secure Holder C to Holder A.
Adjust the height of Holder C so the rear of Holder C does not contact the bass strings. Place it over the bridge and secure. A controller cushion for affixing to the rear of Holder C is also included. Use it as necessary.
Secure the cable.
Affix the cord hook to the side of the bridge to secure the pickup cable so it does not get in the way when playing.