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  • The GK Pickup
  • How to install the GK pickup

How to install the GK pickup

LP model
Detach all six strings.
Remove the bridge.
Measure the height of the bridge.
Set the bearings 2mm lower.
Attach the pickup to the pickup holder with the two 3 x 8mm screws. Place the rubber sheet between the pickup and the holder. Tighten the screws until the rubber sheet is slightly squeezed in between.
Mount the pickup-attached holder through the studs and place the bridge on top.
Attach the sixth string. Using the clearance gauge, check the distance between the string and the yoke. Adjust the distance by leaving 1mm between the string and the yoke when holding the highest fret. If the distance is too close, tighten the screws that are holding the pickup on the holder. If the distance is too wide, remove the pickup from the holder and add an extra rubber sheet.
Attach all of the strings. Make sure that all of the six strings are on top of the yoke.
By using the clearance gauge again, check the distance between the strings and the pickup yokes.
Adjust the height of the yoke according to the height of the strings. Use the included screwdriver to adjust the arc-adjustment screw so the arc of the yoke and the arc formed by the strings are approximately the same. This arc will be about 184R with the yoke at its highest position (screw turned fully clockwise), and about 400R with the yoke at its lowest.
* Make sure not to overturn the screw, as this can lead to damage. When raising the yoke, turn the screw gradually, and stop turning it if you feel resistance.
To avoid any pickup cable interference, clip the cable on the edge of the holder.
Check how much cable length is required. Place Holder A on the guitar, determine your controller position, and determine the pickup cable length.
Turn over the controller, and coil the extra cable inside.
Remove the controller screws (three screws that are indicated with arrows).
Fasten the controller to Holder A with the removed screws.
Mount Holder A on the guitar. First, loosen the guitar's end pin approximately 3mm. This is an archtop guitar, therefore we will place a cushion in between.
Note: Depending on the surface shape of your guitar, you may need to use two cushions. The surface shape of archtop guitars differs from guitar to guitar.
Squeeze the cushion, and attach Holder A onto Holder B. Use the spring washer and the flat washer for the cap nut. Make sure that the cup nut goes through Holder B's slit when you tighten it on.
Finally, tighten the strap pin's screw.