Free Roland V-Drums Software, Designed for Kids!
With a fun, inviting interface and enjoyable play-along songs,
V-Drums Friend Jam Kids encourages young V-Drums players
to build skills at their own pace.

Enjoy V-Drums with Your Entire Family

Roland V-Drums are not just for adults—they're great fun for children of all ages, too. From the height-adjustable entry-level set to the compact foldable model to various kits for professional use, there's a V-Drums set that's perfectly suited for your family and living space.

HD-3 V-Drums Lite
Height-adjustable for kids and adults

V-Drums Friend Jam Kids Encourages Children
to Practice and Improve

Fun and Challenging Songs

Kids' favorites like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and many other classic songs are included, arranged for playing along with the V-Drums. Free of charge, new songs are regularly added within the application when connected to the Internet.

Helpful Guidance

Easy-to-follow drum basics help even the youngest beginners start playing V-Drums right away. Essentials for drum practice include a Metronome function, plus a Beat Guide that indicates timing accuracy with flashing “star” icons.

Family Support

Trophies are awarded as practice goals are reached, and a child's practice record is continuously tracked on their personal player page. Family members can follow along at any time via the web to keep up on progress and cheer on improvement.

Scoring and Ranking

Play freely with the Beat Guide and track your scores in three different skill areas, then check how you rank with other users around the world to motivate yourself and improve your drumming.


V-Drums Friend Jam Ver.1.1.5 is available.

  • The issue of being not installable on Windows 10 is solved.

V-Drums Friend Jam Kids Ver.1.1.3 is available.

  • New V-Drums TD-25KV/TD-25K/TD-25 are supported.

V-Drums Friend Jam Kids Ver.1.1.2 is available.

  • New three songs added.
  • New V-Drums TD-1K/KV are supported.

5 new songs are newly added.

V-Drums Friend Jam Kids Version.1.1 is now available in 13 languages.

Roland releases V-Drums Friend Jam Kids Ver.1.0.

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