Introducing the features of V-Drums Friend Jam.

Featured FunctionsVersion 4

Version 4 New functions

Metronome Function

[Screenshot] Metronome Function
new!The metronome's click sound and bouncing ball help you to build drumming accuracy. You can easily turn the metronome on or off, even while playing.

Displays Your Performance as Waveforms

[Screenshot] Displays Your Performance as Waveforms
new!Depending on the pad types used and how hard you hit them, your performance will be displayed as a continuous waveform. This allows you to visually evaluate your performance in real time.

Ranking by Country or Region

[Screenshot] Ranking by Country or Region
new!In addition to worldwide ranking, you can now choose to display how you rank within your country or region.

Pattern Practice

[Screenshot] Pattern Practice
The Pattern Practice mode is perfect to easily check your playing. You can play along with patterns in various genres, and your performance will be scored in five steps; Star-one to Star-five.

Win the Gold Medal!

[Screenshot] Win the Gold Medal!
You can recieve Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals at various times while you play. How do you win a medal? Give it a try and find out!

Easy connection with V-Drums

[Screenshot] Easy connection with a USB cable
You can connect V-Drums Friend Jam with V-Drums via a USB cable. Roland Wireless Connect is available for connection between TD-30/TD-15/TD-11 and iPhone/iPad. TD-25/TD-1K/TD-1KV can be connected to iPad via a USB cable and Lightning to USB Camera Adapter by Apple.*Please see owner's manual for further details of connection.

Broad range of genres

[Screenshot] Broad range of genres
You can choose songs in a variety of musical genres, including rock, jazz, and pop. New songs are added and updated on a regular basis.

Visual Workout

[Screenshot] Visual Workout
This display shows the location and strength of your hits, providing a new way to experience and analyze your performance.

Results analysis and scoring

[Screenshot] Results analysis and scoring
After the Workout, a radar chart will display five vectors ― technique, variation, kick, beat, and stamina ― to score your performance.

Participate in world rankings

[Screenshot] Participate in world rankings
Your score will be reflected in your ranking. This lets you compete with players around the world.

Twitter integration

[Screenshot] Twitter integration
Send your score to Twitter. It's tagged "#friendjam" so you can connect with other V-Drums users around the world.

Workout records

[Screenshot] Workout records
Your personal results such as practice period, point ranking, and best score will be recorded automatically. The history will be shown graphically and it's easy to check your daily progress as your drumming improves.

Managing multiple accounts

[Screenshot] Managing multiple accounts
Several Twitter users can share one computer, and the "best score display" is shown as new users are added. A fun way to enjoy the V-Drums Friend Jam with your family!

Demo performance video

[Screenshot] Demo performance video
On the song selection screen, you'll find videos of professional-drummer performances that are educational and entertaining.

Pad-cancellation mode

[Screenshot] Pad-cancellation mode
This mode lets you audition sounds without starting the Workout. You can turn this on and off simply by hitting a pad.

Windows and Mac compatible

[Screenshot] Windows and Mac compatible
Versions are available for both Windows and Mac. The program is easy to install, and you can begin using it instantly.

"My Music" customization

This is where you can add your favorite songs. Simply drag-and-drop to create your unique My Music box.

Easy control with pad assignments

[Screenshot] Easy control with pad assignments
You can assign application commands to different pads, so you can operate the program with drumsticks. You can also use your computer mouse and keyboard if desired.

Score high and win

[Screenshot] Score high and win
When you score high, you're awarded a medal icon, which is displayed in your rankings along with the number of times you achieved high-score status.

Control your songs

[Screenshot] Control your songs
You can freely play and stop your songs, adjust the volume during a Workout, and repeat specific parts of a song.

Playing Times Displayed

[Screenshot] Playing Times Displayed
You can compare your past practice volume by the Playing Time display for each song. Challenge yourself by playing songs you haven't tried yet!

Select your drum type

[Screenshot] Select your drum type
You can designate the drums you're using with the settings screen. It covers and supports all Roland drum products.

Participation at a glance

[Screenshot] Participation at a glance
Lights on the world map show where other players are located.

Full-screen mode

[Screenshot] Full-screen mode
Enter and exit full-screen mode by simply hitting a pad.

System Requirements

Windows(Vista, 7, 8/8.1 Classic, 10)
Macintosh(Mac OS X 10.6 or later)
Intel Core 2 Duo or faster
1GB or more
Compatible V-Drums:
- Standard drum kit of the TD-30, TD-25, TD-15, TD-11, TD-1K, TD-1KV(No need to use USB-MIDI interface)
- Standard drum kit of the TD-20X, TD-20, TD-12, TD-9, TD-4KP, TD-4, HD-3, HD-1(USB-MIDI interface required for scoring/ranking functions)
  • *Internet connection is required for downloading new practice songs and to allow your performance to be ranked.
  • **A Twitter account is also required for getting realtime ranking, being ranked, or share your record to Twitter.
  • †If you use the TD-25/TD-1KV/TD-1K, you also need an audio cable.


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