Frequently asked questions and answers

Getting Started

Q.How to install the V-Drums Friend Jam?


Please download the software from the V-Drums Friend Jam page and install it by following the instructions that appear on the screen.

Q.Other than V-Drums, what do I need?


You need a computer (Windows or Mac) with an Internet connection. (For details on system requirements, please click here.) In order to get the most from V-Drums Friend Jam, you need to connect a computer to your V-Drums kit. The TD-30/TD-15/TD-11 kits require a USB cable.TD-25/TD-1KV/TD-1K kits require a USB cable and an audio cable.Other V-Drums require an audio cable and MIDI interface (Roland products to be recommended) to connect.

Q.How do I connect V-Drums Friend Jam to my V-Drums to have my performance scored and ranked?


You’ll need a MIDI interface. The TD-30/TD-25/TD-15/TD-11/TD-1KV/TD-1K kits have a USB MIDI interface built in; please use it. Other V-Drums require an external MIDI interface (sold separately). Roland offers a series of easy-to-use MIDI interfaces that connect between your Mac or PC's USB port and the MIDI output of your V-Drums kit. For details on how to install drivers, please refer to the owner's manual of each product.

Q.How do I hear the backing songs from V-Drums Friend Jam mixed with the V-Drums?


You need an audio connection from the computer to the V-Drums. When using the TD-30/TD-15/TD-11 kits, simply connect the computer to your V-Drums via USB cable, and select V-Drums as the output destination in your computer’s audio settings menu.

Other V-Drums kits require an audio cable to mix the computer's sound with your V-Drums. Connect a cable from your computer’s output jack (line output/headphone output) to the MIX IN jack of your V-Drums.

Q.Can I use the iOS version V-Drums Friend Jam with an iPhone and TD-25/TD-1KV/TD-1K?


We checked that the V-Drums Friend Jam for iPhone works with the TD-25/TD-1KV/TD-1K by testing with an iPhone (iOS 7 or later), a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter or iPad Camera Connection Kit by Apple, an USB cable, and an audio cable. These are all sold separately.
*The Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and the iPad Camera Connection Kit are products by Apple and the compatible models are the iPad and the iPad mini. We can not guarantee that these accessories will work with the iPhone.


Q.If I registered a Twitter account in the V-Drums Friend Jam, how do I change it to a different account?


Please click your Twitter account name which is shown on the top right corner of any screen except the screen you play along with.


Q.Can I use older model V-Drums?


Older model V-Drums cannot be selected from the setup screen, but you can use them with no problem. Please make the following setting.

TD-20 / TD-20+TDW20>> TD-20X
TD-10 / TD-8 / TD-6 / TD-6V / TD-3>> Other V-Drums

Q.Can I use drums made by other manufacturers?


No you cannot.The V-Drums Friend Jam is a tool for V-Drum users.


Q.Can I use a USB-MIDI interface made by other manufacturers?


You can basically use it but we cannot support if a problem occurs. If your MIDI interface does not work, we recommend buying one made by Roland.

Q.What is the recommended setting for the UM-1G?


Set ADVANCED to ON and MIDI THRU to OFF. When you use the UM-1G as ADVANCED: On, you have to install the suitable driver for the UM-1G in advanced, according to the type of OS of your computer. For details on how to install drivers, please refer to the owner's manual bundled with the UM-1G.

In Workout

Q.How can I adjust the metronome volume?


You can adjust the metronome volume using your computer's audio settings.

Q.I'm unable to get a high score when playing songs in MY MUSIC.


The maximum score you can achieve in MY MUSIC is 500 points (pt). In order to get a score higher than 500, try playing songs other than those stored in MY MUSIC.
You can score as high as 600 points (pt) if the MP3 song you're playing along with has embedded tempo/BPM meta data. If you have added tempo/BPM meta data to an MP3 file in iTunes, right-click the song from the "Songs" list, choose "Convert ID3 Tags..." from the menu, and then select "v2.3" or later for the ID3 tag version before you import the song into MY MUSIC.

Q.How can I get a higher score?


Play accurately in time and play around the drum kit instead of staying on the same pad. Also, do not stop playing during the song. Just have fun jamming until the end, and you should gradually get a better score!

Q.What do the scoring parameters mean?


TECHNIQUE is how well you played the song's grooves and fills.
VARIATION is how well you played the entire drum kit.
STAMINA is how well you were able to keep on playing until the end.
BEAT is the accuracy of your rhythm.
KICK is the accuracy of your kick drum.

Trouble Shooting

Q.When using V-Drums Friend Jam for iPhone with the TD-25, performance information is not recognized by the device correctly.


Please change the TD-25 module settings as follows;
1. In the KIT screen, press the [F3] (MENU) button then Press the [F3] (SETUP) button.
2. Use the [F2](▲) [F3](▼) buttons to select item "MIDI" then press the [KICK] (ENTER) button to confirm.
3. Using the [F2] (▲)[F3] (▼) buttons to select parameter and the [INSTRUMENT] knob to change value to OFF for each HHPedal CC/Snare CC/Ride CC/AUX CC.
4. Press kit selector to return to the KIT screen.

Q.When I try to install the latest version of V-Drums Friend Jam on my computer, I see the following message:

An error occurred. The application could not be installed because the installer was not set up correctly. Please contact the application programmer.


This message may appear if you have an early version of V-Drums Friend Jam (Version 4.0.4 or earlier) installed on your computer. Please uninstall the old version, and then run the software installer for the latest version again.

Q.I cannot hear the backing tracks from V-Drums Friend Jam.


Please check that your computer’s audio output is properly connected to the V-Drums audio input, and ensure that the computer’s output volume isn’t muted or set too low. For a V-Drums TD-30/TD-15/TD-11 kit that’s connected to your computer with a USB cable, check your computer’s audio settings to ensure that V-Drums is selected as the output source. (Other V-Drums kits require an audio cable to mix the computer's sound with the V-Drums.)

Q.My USB-MIDI interface is not recognized by V-Drums Friend Jam.


Please ensure that the latest driver of your MIDI interface is installed. If your MIDI interface is being recognized by other software apps, the following could be causing the problem:

[The MIDI interface doesn’t appear on the list]
We recommend using Roland MIDI interfaces with Advanced Driver (a proprietary driver made by Roland). MIDI interfaces made by other manufacturers with generic drivers (pre-installed on the OS) may not work properly.

[Java Runtime is not up to date]
To use V-Drums Friend Jam, please install the latest version of Java Runtime. You can download Java Runtime for the OS of your computer from Oracle’s website. For Mac OSX 10.6 or earlier, you’ll need Java Runtime Version 1.6 (update 6).

Q.A message saying "install Java Runtime" appears on my computer running Windows 7 (64-bit).


Please install the latest version of Java Runtime.
Under Windows 64-bit version OS, the V-Drums Friend Jam requires Java Runtime 64-bit version. You will need to install the suitable version of Java Runtime for OS of your computer from Oracle website .

Q.The response of the performance screen looks slow.


First, please check whether your computer's specification is higher than the system requirements of the V-Drums Friend Jam. If the response is slow even if your computer meets the system requirements, other softwares on your computer may be affecting it.
Please quit or close all other softwares and try V-Drums Friend Jam again.


Q.Is it ok to record videos of me or someone playing the V-Drums Friend Jam and post these on the internet?


There's no problem as long as the following conditions are met.

  • If you are using a song in "MY MUSIC," the song does not violate any copyrights.
  • You are not using this for commercial purposes.

Recording the songs of the V-Drums Friend Jam and then using the recordings for commercial purposes such as but not limited to selling CDs, DVDs, and softwares are strictly prohibited.

System Requirements

Windows(Vista, 7, 8/8.1 Classic, 10)
Macintosh(Mac OS X 10.6 or later)
Intel Core 2 Duo or faster
1GB or more
Compatible V-Drums:
- Standard drum kit of the TD-30, TD-25, TD-15, TD-11, TD-1K, TD-1KV(No need to use USB-MIDI interface)
- Standard drum kit of the TD-20X, TD-20, TD-12, TD-9, TD-4KP, TD-4, HD-3, HD-1(USB-MIDI interface required for scoring/ranking functions)
  • *Internet connection is required for downloading new practice songs and to allow your performance to be ranked.
  • **A Twitter account is also required for getting realtime ranking, being ranked, or share your record to Twitter.
  • †If you use the TD-25/TD-1KV/TD-1K, you also need an audio cable.


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