Frequently asked questions and answers

Getting Started

Q.What do I need other than a Roland GK-equipped guitar and a guitar synthesizer?


You need a computer (Windows or Macintosh) with internet connection. (For details on the system requirements, please see here) In order to enjoy the most out of the Guitar Friend Jam, you will also need an audio / MIDI routing to connect your computer to your Guitar Synthesizer.

Q.How do I connect Guitar Friend Jam with my Guitar to have my performance scored and ranked?


You need a USB cable for your guitar synthesizer which has USB MIDI capability such as Roland GR-55 or VG-99. Or you need a separately sold MIDI interface. Roland has a range of easy to use interfaces that connect simply between your Mac or PC's USB port and the MIDI output of your guitar synthesizer. For details on how to install drivers, please refer to the owner's manual of the MIDI interface.

Q.How do I hear the backing sound (song) of the Guitar Friend Jam mixed with the Guitar?


Use a USB cable to connect your guitar synthesizer which has USB audio capability such as Roland GR-55 or VG-99. In this case, the cable works for both MIDI and audio routing. Or use an audio cable to mix your computer's sound into your guitar synthesizer. Please prepare a cable with the correct type of plug depending on the jack of your computer (line output/headphone output) and MIX IN jack of your guitar synthesizer.


Q.If I registered a Twitter account in the Guitar Friend Jam, how do I change it to a different account?


Please click your Twitter account name which is shown on the top right corner of any screen except the screen you play along with.

Guitar Synthesizer

Q.Can I use older Guitar Synthesizer models?


You can select the GR-55, VG-99 and GP-10 from the setup screen.
We've also confirmed that the GR-20 can be used as "Other guitar synthesizer".
You can also use GT-100 Ver.2 and GT-001 though some functions are limited.

Q.Can I use guitar synthesizers made by other manufacturers?


No you cannot. The Guitar Friend Jam is a tool for V-Guitar system users.

MIDI / Audio

Q.Strings display on the screen don't response by plucking some or all of the strings, or other playing such as bending or finger sliding.


Set the parameters in GTR TO MIDI of your guitar synthesizer as follows.

Q.I connected my guitar synthesizer to the PC via USB cable but I cannot hear the backing tracks from the Guitar Friend Jam.


Select your guitar synthesizer as the output destination at the audio settings on your PC.

Q.Can I use a USB-MIDI interface made by other manufacturers?


You can basically use it but we cannot support if a problem occurs. If your MIDI interface does not work, we recommend using one made by Roland.

Q.What is the recommended setting for the UM-ONE?


Set ADVANCED to ON and MIDI THRU to OFF. When you use the UM-ONE as ADVANCED: On, you have to install the suitable driver for the UM-ONE in advanced, according to the type of OS of your computer. For details on how to install drivers, please refer to the owner's manual bundled with the UM-ONE.

Q.The Guitar Friend Jam does not work with GT-100 Ver.2 / GT-001.


(Some functions like gesture function and accurate scoring are limited with GT-100 Ver.2 and GT-001.)

In Workout

Q.I'm not able to get a high score from playing songs in MY MUSIC.


The maximum score that you can get by playing songs in MY MUSIC is 450 pt. In order to get a score higher than 450 pt, try playing songs other than stored in MY MUSIC box.

Q.How can I get a higher score?


Express yourself in colorful renditions by playing in scale, and keeping the rhythm. Just have fun jamming until the end, and you should gradually get a better score!

Q.What do the scoring parameters mean?


TECHNIQUE: Shredding, or playing in scale
FINGERING: Fingering on the fretboard
DYNAMICS: Dynamics or accentuation
SOUL: Emotional expression
PERFORMANCE: Colorful renditions

Trouble Shooting

Q.I cannot hear the backing tracks from the Guitar Friend Jam.


Please check the audio output of your computer. In order to listen to the sounds from your headphones or speakers connected to the Guitar, you will need an audio cable to connect your computer's audio output jack to the Guitar. If you still do not hear the backing tracks, please check the volume and the mute setting on your computer.

Q.The USB-MIDI interface is not recognized by Guitar Friend Jam.


Please check whether the latest driver for your MIDI interface is installed. If your MIDI interface is being recognized by other softwares, the following could causing the problem.

[ The MIDI interface does not appear on the list ]
We recommend using Roland MIDI interfaces with Advanced Driver (a driver made by Roland). MIDI interfaces made by other manufacturers and Generic Drivers (drivers that are pre-installed on the OS) may not work properly.

[ The version of the Java Runtime is not the latest one ]
To use the Guitar Friend Jam, you need Java Runtime of Version 1.6 or later. For Windows, you can download the suitable Java Runtime for OS of your computer from Oracle website. For Macintosh, you Java Runtime Version 1.6 (update 6). Update your OS and go to [Applications] -> [Utilities] -> [Java Preferences] to make sure you have Java Runtime Version 1.6 installed.

Q.A message saying "install Java Runtime" appears on my computer.


Please install the latest version of Java Runtime.
You will need to install the suitable version of Java Runtime for OS of your computer from Oracle website.
For OS X Lion / Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.7 / 10.8), please find the Java Runtime installer at Apple website.

Q.The response of the performance screen looks slow.


First, please check whether your computer's specification is higher than the system requirements of the Guitar Friend Jam. If the response is slow even if your computer meets the system requirements, other softwares on your computer may be affecting it.
Please quit or close all other softwares and try Guitar Friend Jam again.


Q.Is it ok to record videos of me or someone playing the Guitar Friend Jam and post these on the internet?


It is ok if the video is viewed by yourself or your friends. (When posting videos on your blog and YouTube, ask the performer and/or composer for permission.)
Recording the songs of the Guitar Friend Jam and then using the recordings for commercial purposes such as but not limited to selling CDs, DVDs, and softwares are strictly prohibited.

System Requirements

Windows(Vista, 7, 8 Classic)Macintosh(Mac OS X 10.6 or later, lower 10.11)
We are currently working to prepare and verify a driver for macOS Sierra (10.12).
Please wait until the driver become available.
Thank you for your patience.
Intel Core 2 Duo or faster
1GB or more
Compatible products
Roland GK-equipped guitar (such as GC-1 Stratocaster®, or GK-3 Divided Pickup installed on your guitar) and guitar synthesizer unit (such as Roland GR-55 or VG-99).
  • *Internet connectivity is required for downloading new practice songs or updated version of Friend Jam.
  • *A twitter account is also required for getting realtime ranking, being ranked, or sharing your records to Twitter.


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